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29 January 2011 @ 11:46 am
For those of the members here who have not yet been made aware of this, please go and vote for Jaejoong at the Shorty Awards website. If he wins, he will be invited to NYC to accept the award. As I write this post, Jaejoong currently has 4,983 votes. Justin Bieber is right behind him and not by much! Please go and cast your vote for this lovely half of our beloved YunJae.

**As a reminder, you must have a previously active Twitter account to be able to do this. New accounts or accounts created strictly for voting will be DISQUALIFIED. Ask your friends and have them ask their friends to join in on the voting for Jaejoong, too!


This is the link for voting: http://shortyawards.com/mjjeje

All you have to do is fill in the box with "I nominate @mjjej for a Shorty Award in #celebrity because" and then add your reason for nominating him. One important thing to remember, you MUST give a reason why you are nominating Jaejoong or your vote will NOT count.

!!Voting is over at the end of January!!

As an extra addition, here are some Twitters to follow if you haven't done so already:

Shorty Awards Twitter:

JYJ's Twitters:
http://www.twitter.com/mjjeje (Jaejoong)
http://twitter.com/6002theMicky (Yoochun)
http://twitter.com/0101xiahtic (Junsu)

For translations:
http://www.twitter.com/joejjang (for Jaejoong's tweets)
http://www.twitter.com/0101jyunshyu (for Junsu's tweets)
http://www.twitter.com/yookcheoni for Yoochun's tweets)
http://www.twitter.com/zerotic0124 (JYJ choreographer)

JYJ's friends:
http://www.twitter.com/elbowyeish (close friend non-celeb [english speaker])
http://www.twitter.com/shaneyoon (MC for the US showcase [english speaker])
http://www.twitter.com/ayu_19980408 (Ayumi Hamasaki)

HoMin's friends
http://www.twitter.com/Heedictator (sometimes tweets about HoMin + photos)
http://www.twitter.com/donghae861015 (Donghae)

Fanbases - info twitters for DBSK
http://www.twitter.com/tohosomnia (translations of articles)
http://www.twitter.com/sycteam (news/translations)
http://www.twitter.com/dbsknights (news/translations + trending projects)
http://www.twitter.com/TOHOSHINKISTAFF (Japanese only)
http://www.twitter.com/goess (translating/subbing team)
http://www.twitter.com/onetvxqforums (OneTVXQ Forums)

General Kpop - info twitters, sometimes DBSK related
http://www.twitter.com/mtvkofficial (for JYJ promotions in US)

Fanbases - fun stuff

I realize that not all of these Twitters are relevant to YunJae/JaeHo as a couple, but they are relevant to Jaejoong and or Yunho. That makes them relevant to the community. Every now and again I will allow material that is simply about Jaejoong or Yunho, and this is in that gray area of exception. Jaejoong needs all the votes he can get because he deserves to win. If you haven't voted and have a Twitter account, please go and vote for him so that he can win! ♥

Thank you for reading!

Edit: Now if Yunho gets a Twitter, they can both be nominated for the couple award at this same Shorty Awards website next year. ^___________^ ♥
Key: Jaeho HIJheavenswine on January 30th, 2011 02:00 am (UTC)
Wait, what if I already voted? Someone said that if I vote again, my vote will be disqualified.
Key: Jaeho HIJheavenswine on January 30th, 2011 02:01 am (UTC)
I think it's that egg who told me that.
Jacquijaejoongah on January 30th, 2011 08:32 am (UTC)
Haha. Here are the rules for voting:

* To vote, send a tweet like this: I nominate @TwitterUser for a Shorty Award in #category because [add reason here]. You can do this using the right here on our site, from Twitter itself, or from any Twitter client.

* You can also send shorter votes like this: #shortyawards @username #category [add reason here]. This short format is helpful when you want to vote from a party, on the road, in a meeting, or on a boat.

* A tweet that ends in "because..." will not be counted.

* Vote for as many different people as you want in as many categories as you want, as often as you want.

* Only one person and one category per tweet.

* Voting for the same person in the same category more than once just replaces the text of your original vote.

* You can vote in any of the Official Categories, or make up a category of your own. If a new category becomes popular, it might be turned into an Official Category with an award presented at the ceremony in March.

Edited at 2011-01-30 08:50 am (UTC)
one_neeone_nee on January 30th, 2011 02:56 am (UTC)
bb, can i copy-paste first half of this post (about the voting) in my own LJ? and i will put this post link there too, so i wont steal any credit for this post, i dont understand how to post link escept to just copy-paste the link ^///^
i dont have twitter nor i understand how to use it =(
so, at least all i can do is just share this news =)
Jacquijaejoongah on January 30th, 2011 08:35 am (UTC)
I have no problem with that. XD You don't have to worry about credit or anything...that's not important. Jaejoong just needs votes! :D Spread the word~