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[Random Question] This is relevant, I swear.

This is just a little question I have regarding those who have read Nan Nikkeoya Neon Naekkeoya.

Since this community basically got started around the same time I was writing my first ever lengthy YunJae fic (I know this place is now no longer centered around fan material), I believe this question should be asked here instead of on the "new" fan material community where most people are new and probably haven't even heard of it. Heh.

I've received a request to get Nan Nikkeoya Neon Naekkeoya (Nani Nena) published. Now, for those of you who know me will know that I am not very positive about this story because it was not only written a few years ago, I consider it quite amateur compared to titles such as Gashiyeon and even the more recent So Much Mine. However, I've received many comments which specifically point out that "this was my first YunJae fanfic" or "this story made me love YunJae" that I figured I helped even in the slightest fraction to help spread the entire YunJae phenomenon to my readers. There was actually so much appreciation for this story that I was thrilled to find the little nickname "Nani Nena" had been coined--I even started using it like a groupie myself. XD;

Anyway! I plan on fulfilling this request for a particular fan who has been so anxious for me to do it that she found me on Facebook to keep asking me about it. I really admired how much this person has enjoyed my story that they would go to such lengths. It made me feel accomplished in the YunJae universe, I guess you could say. Most of my projects for this fandom began with Nani Nena and YWH, so I have decided that I will go through lulu.com to get Nani Nena published into novel form.

In doing this, I am asking how many of you might want a copy for yourselves? I am not making the price something ridiculous and will keep it as low as possible. I am not trying to profit from this at all, but I have no other means to make a book myself other than going through a third-party alternative. It DOES take a certain fee to get the book made by a third-party, but as far as me profiting from this, it won't happen. Even if I could, I refuse to profit off of this story and would rather offer it for free to everyone. I am not trying to pimp myself out here or anything, nor am I trying to build on my ego. Trust me, I don't even have an ego. XD;

This is purely option, as most of you would know, and I am only asking because it seems like a smart thing to do. Maybe someone else here might actually want a copy, so if I didn't ask, that makes me a douchebag. LoL

SO. Please respond if you would like a copy and I will make a note of it when I start getting the transcript put together to submit for publication. Thank you~

- Jacqui ♥
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