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The Problem is . . .?

Well. My very first one shot. Just close an eye while reading, yes? I meant to write a new pairing but damn, it ended up to be a Jaeho fic again. *ahh just kill me*

Pairing: ...Jaeho, Yoosu...?
Summary: Yunho is always dumped but he doesn't get it. A little scene on Changmin and Junsu fighting on the table. i'm so excited because this is my very first summary written
Rating: PG.

Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin stare silently at a depressed Yunho sitting right in front of them.

They don’t get it. Yunho is such a charming man of such upright character. But in some sense, they could guess the reason why.


Jaejoong stares silently at the depressed Yunho seated beside him. He doesn’t get it. Yunho is such a charming handsome dashing suave beautiful (?) impressive man of such extreme uprightness! Why would any female with brain in the head and not in the ass bear to ditch him? And it’s not just one but . . . ALL. Damn. They must be born unquestionably brainless bitches.


Yunho, Changmin, Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong are sitting on the floor in their living room.


No one dares to breathe a word.


Yunho is hugging a pillow (or is it cushion?) tightly in his arms, burying his face deeply into the pillow, thinking naively that he might be able to think of an answer to this irritating question which has been popping out for N times since he first dated a girl, if he’s near to the brim of death from suffocation.

But no. He moans weakly into the pillow. He still doesn’t get it. He doubts he will ever get it. 


Why was he dumped over and over again? He swears to God he has remained loyal to his every single ex-girlfriend. He swears to God he didn’t even steal an eye on other girls. And he swears to God again he has loved every single one of them at their time.

. . . Okay. At least those feelings were extreme likeness near to the feeling of love. But still, why does every single ex of his claim that he is a bastard and is never serious with them?


Yunho moans louder and with more force this time into the pillow. He even uncrosses his legs so that he can kick a little at the floor to vent his frustration. He longs to stand somewhere in the middle of a rain, holds his head up to the pouring sky above and questions his God, Why dammit! But he has decided not to bug his God with such an idiotic question that is not regarding human race. Thus he is now sitting in this living room with his four buddies staring wordlessly at him and at each other; each and every one of them has already killed their creativity from coming up with something new to comfort him after N times of doing so.


Without a word, Jaejoong leans forward slowly and holds Yunho tightly in his arms, trying to ease a little of Yunho’s pain and frustration with his sincere and aching embrace.


                                                            *           *           *


Yunho has gotten himself another girlfriend. Again.

It was love at first sight.

Yunho swears silently to himself that he will be extra careful to this relationship so that it wouldn’t burst like all his previous.



So this time, in order to show his sincerity towards this girl, he brings Girl home, to the boys’ apartment, to introduce her to the boys and the boys to Girl, for the very first time (stepping into the apartment, I mean), when they’re together for only five days.

All are excited and wait eagerly at the door. When the Girl shows up from behind Yunho at the door, they cheer their warmest. Girl smiles widely. She feels important. And that’s important.


All proceed on to the living room and settle down on the sofa while Jaejoong disappears into the kitchen.


After watching his girlfriend and his buddies exchanging a few jokes here and there; after he smiles and nods appropriately here and there, Yunho finally allows his eyes to satisfy his heart’s desire: flickers his eyes to the direction of the kitchen.


“Can Jae handle all alone?” Yunho raises a question so unrelated to their current topic.


“What?” Junsu reacts instinctively.


“Cooking.” Yunho tries not to sound impatient.


“He’s Jae.” Yoochun eyes him like he’s an alien.


“Yeah.” Junsu nods a matter-of-factly.


Changmin’s eyes shine. “I’ll help hyung.” He can already smell piping food.


Yunho stops Changmin before the younger can get up from the sofa with a firm press on his shoulder. “I’ll go.”


With that, Yunho disappears into the kitchen.


Junsu finds it tough to frown sternly at Changmin’s disappointed pout. “You better stay put. I still want my dinner served.”


                                                *           *           *


“Okay people. Dinner’s ready.” Jaejoong announces like a mother calling out for his children in an apron (well, he is indeed wearing one) while serving two more dishes out onto the dining table.


Changmin jumps up immediately claiming first follow closely by an anxious Junsu tailing behind. Yoochun glides to his feet and bows gentlemanly and exaggeratingly to Yunho’s girlfriend, “This way, please.”


Yoochun and Girl arrives at the dining table just in time to see Changmin eyeing the dishes hungrily with Junsu seated at his side eyeing Changmin’s watery mouth anxiously. “No. Don’t. Dripping.”


Yunho appears at his girlfriend’s side all of a sudden and pulls a chair for her. Girl smiles sweetly and takes her seat. Yunho then rushes back to the kitchen just to return with the seventh and last dish. He wraps an arm around Jaejoong’s waist, who is adjusting the plates, while placing the seventh dish on the table.


“Done.” Jaejoong whispers with glowing satisfaction at the table full of his marvelous efforts and leans back, resting his back against Yunho’s chest.


“Okay.” Still wrapping an arm around Jaejoong’s waist, Yunho uses his other and unties the knots of the apron at Jaejoong’s neck and waist skillfully and naturally, freeing Jaejoong of the black apron.


“All~right!” Changmin grabs his chopsticks and snaps them excitedly in the air while Yunho takes the seat between Girl and Jaejoong, then gives an approving nod to Changmin who is seated right opposite Jaejoong.


“Let’s dig in.” Yunho smiles, words taking effect like a gun in a race, sparking off the battle between innocent Changmin, anxious and frightened Junsu, and a silent Yoochun with eyes sparkling.


“Here,” Yunho grins and drops a slice of fish into Girl’s bowl, “try this.” This very first spoon, not for Yunho himself or anyone, but for Girl. This makes Girl all warm and fuzzy inside. “I helped out in cooking this.”


“Excuse me?” Jaejoong turns Yunho on the chin with his right fingers and lifts an eyebrow elegantly.


Yunho breaks into a bright smile immediately and spins his head to Girl, catching Jaejoong’s threatening fingers with his own. “I helped Jae out in cooking this by adding a pinch of salt.”


“Whoa.” Yoochun comments, unimpressed.


“Very helpful.” Junsu crocks his left brow.


Girl giggles; Changmin continues stuffing himself with food.

Suddenly, in the speed of lightning, Junsu steals a large piece of fish from Changmin’s bowl. Before he is fast enough to pop that piece of loot into his mouth, Changmin snatches it back in 0.3 seconds, baring his teeth at Junsu.

Junsu stares at that piece (in fact, the biggest and the juiciest) of fish enters Changmin’s mouth and pouts. “Multiple choice question. Please choose only one. Which is more important? A: that piece of fish. B: me. C: both.”


“A.” Changmin stares at Junsu’s horrified eyes with flat eyes. “That piece of fish.”


“What?! Don’t you even try to pretend to consider?! And not even C?!” Junsu smacks the face of the table in a childish manner.


Changmin ignores Junsu’s hysteric behaviour, returning to stuffing himself with more rice and vegetables instead.

Yoochun presses Junsu down with one hand while trying to cover up for Junsu’s childishness by smiling elegantly across the table at Girl.


“Min is so not Min on the table!” Oblivious to Yoochun’s kind effort of trying to cover up, Junsu whines into Yoochun’s ears.


“Well, you’ve said it. It’s on the table.” Yoochun lifts a smile too charmingly at Junsu, and this shuts him up effortlessly within a second.


Girl is deeply amused. She turns her head to Yunho, just in time to see Yunho fetching a fried octopus ball right into Jaejoong’s awaiting lips. He even pulls a piece of tissue out from nowhere and wipes the grease off Jaejoong’s corner.

And Yunho is still holding onto Jaejoong’s hand. That’s the main point.


Girl looks around the table. No one seems to notice the weird atmosphere surrounding them both. If they did notice, they’re not showing it.

She turns back.

Yunho is picking out tiny bones from a piece of fish carefully now, inspecting it for a few seconds before sending it to Jaejoong’s bowl.


Something uncomfortable is pricking her heart.


“Why are you not eating?” Yoochun raises his brow questioningly from across the table.


“. . . Ah. Yes . . .” Girl murmurs and brings a small ball of rice into her mouth absentmindedly.


“Hyung,” Changmin raises his bowl high up to Jaejoong, “more.”


“Get it yourself.” Yunho frowns in disapproval.


Jaejoong presses a palm on Yunho’s lap and reaches for Changmin’s empty bowl. “It’s okay. I’ll get it.”


Yunho’s gaze follows his back till Jaejoong disappears completely into the kitchen.

He then turns and grins at Girl and fetches a handful of vegetables into her bowl. “Have more.” A faint red surfaces uncontrollably under those gentle eyes and she nods, burying her pinkish face into the bowl. Out of the corner of her eyes, she sees Yunho putting down his chopsticks and looks slightly . . . dazed.

Girl stuffs another mouth of rice. She feels . . . uneasy.


Yoochun glances up from his bottom-showing bowl at the couple right in front of him with a thoughtful blink before eyeing the youngest two beside him now bickering over a huge piece of juicy pepper beef.


“But you don’t even have your bowl, dammit!”


“That’s never a problem.” Changmin tries an innocent doggy look on Junsu but his words betray him. Junsu snarls.

“Multiple choice question.” Changmin smiles adorably when that piece of meat is still crushed in between two pairs of chopsticks.


All on the table turn. It’s rare that Changmin speaks this much in a meal.


“Please choose only one. Which is more important? A: this piece of beef. B: me. C: both.”


Junsu appears stunned. He starts to frown and looks down at his bowl, appearing to be in serious deep thoughts.


This is just the moment Changmin needs. In a swift move, he wins that piece of beef over and pops it into his mouth, lifting his corners in satisfaction. It’s a bit squashed but nevertheless delicious and juicy.


“HEY!” Junsu jumps. “That’s cheating!” He spins around the table for help but not even waiting for a second for any, he spins back to Changmin, “I’ll choose A, dammit! You hear me?! I choose A!”


Why Junsu makes it sounds like a big deal, Yoochun doesn’t understand. Thus, he just leans over and plants a consoling kiss on Junsu’s pout, calming him down effortlessly once more.


Girl widens her eyes at that kiss with extreme surprise.


Ignoring what it seems to be an everyday thing, Yunho glances back towards the kitchen, “What’s taking Jae so long?”


“Yeah. My rice.” Changmin does a short calculation on how much would be left for his second bowl.


Just when Yunho starts to get up, Jaejoong returns with Changmin’s bowl of rice. He tries a smile, “Here, Min.”


Changmin looks at Jaejoong thoughtfully. “Thanks, hyung.”


“Jae?” Yunho eyes Jaejoong with quiet worry when Jaejoong takes his seat beside him. Yunho caresses Jaejoong’s left cheek lightly, and wraps an arm around Jaejoong.


Girl thought they were going to kiss. But instead, Jaejoong rests his head on Yunho’s chest, “I’m fine.”


Yunho deepens his frown when Jaejoong leaves his arms, flashes him a small smile and then continues with his meal. Yunho continues staring at Jaejoong. He knows something’s wrong; but what?


Growing uncomfortable under that pair of persistent eyes, Jaejoong glances past Yunho to Girl, “How was it?”


Yunho looks away from Jaejoong reluctantly to Girl, and tries a smile.


Girl blinks and finally, realization hits her like a great wash, leaving her near breathless. “It, it’s splendid.”


Jaejoong smiles, “I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this meal.”


There’s a slight pause before the reply comes.


“I do.”


                                                *           *           *


The next day, Girl phones Yunho, requesting for a breakup.


Then everyone gathers in the living room as usual, trying to console a broken and confused Yunho in Jaejoong’s arms, where Jaejoong curses and ponders why the hell Girl breaks with such a perfect man like Yunho.



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