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This is a list of rules for this community. If you do not follow them, appropriate actions will ensue. I'm not going to plaster the rules all over the place when common sense should tell any current or future member of a community that rules always exist in some form or another. To ignore them, especially when they are easily accessible, immediately says that you are unwilling to follow them and are subject to the consequences.

If you are joining this community, have support for JaeHo/YunJae as a friendship or relationship. You are allowed to have a Jaejoong or Yunho bias!

The only material allowed here should be based on real events or factual information. This means no rumors. This community used to entail anything and everything related to JaeHo/YunJae, but due to an expanding membership and countless amounts of fan material that out-weighed all else, there are now separate communities where you can post your fan works.

Please do not bother the other members. By bothering this means: hateful comments on a member's post; spamming through LJ or email; making derogatory comments toward a member in general; etcetera. Contact the mod if you think something is inappropriate, do not take matters into your own hands as it's immature and inconsiderate.

If you want to advertise on this community, that's fine, but you have two guidelines to consider before making an attempt for advertisement: A) make sure the content you wish to advertise is JaeHo/YunJae related; and B) please ask for permission before simply posting an advert or it will be deleted. Decisions are made at the mod's discretion.

Large images and videos need to be under a cut. Due to the fact that, even if it's only a few people, there are still connections that are on the slower side. Heavy imagery, especially streaming media, will definitely get in the way of loading and possibly cause computers to crash. Icon size images are fine, but not in excess. Use cuts whenever possible.

Use the tags I've provided and use them appropriately. I've had to go back and tag a lot of things from the beginning because I never enforced this rule; however, it's being enforced now. If you do not use tags on your posts, I have no choice but to delete them because I can't go back and tag them for you--it defeats the purpose of me making this rule.

If you happen to find something on the internet through forums or websites; even specific search engines such as Naver, Google, Daum, Cyworld, etcetera -- please get permission from the originating source and or credit it if possible. I don't want to get yelled at and I don't think you do either. Credit is mandatory when things you post or share do not belong to you.

Still confused about what is considered acceptable material...?


Still confused about what is considered unacceptable material...?


Real material goes on jaeho_yongwonhi!
Fan material goes on jaeho_complex or jaeho_detox!

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