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So Much Mine: Section Thirty-Two

Section Thirty-Two

Pairing: JaeHo
Rating: NC-17!... This section contains graphic sexual content.
Strawberries grown and picked by: ranalore.
Summary: The beginning of a shifting relationship. Hot Korean boys. Sex. Dancing and some angry words. Not necessarily in that order. Not necessarily in each section.

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Yunho tipped Jae’s chin up, the barest touch of his finger along the other’s delicate jaw bone. In the soft light, the singer’s skin glowed, a gloaming stretched over something precious Yunho would treasure past this moment and into the rest of his life. Standing against one another, neither breathed, afraid to break the spider web silk of trust they’d begun to weave. Time ticked past, the minute hand clicking down past one number and then a second, the lovers staving off the world with the sheer will of their beating hearts.

The feral lean singer moved first, a lethargic movement driven more by need than anything else. A tumbling heat unspooled past the point of pain in his soul, his hands aching to touch the hard body hugged against him. Jaejoong whispered a kiss over Yunho’s bared neck, nudging back a shank of silky hair by Yunho’s earlobe, an attempt to get to the soft skin beneath. His palms rubbed on Yunho’s chest, reveling in the responsive pebbling under his hands. Jaejoong sighed, biting at the lobe, a tiny groan of pleasure rippling up Yunho’s throat.

The slightly younger man continued to rock his lover’s body, encircling Jaejoong with his arms. The world continued on without them, time passing in slow ticks of a sand struck with gravity. Listening to Jae breath, Yunho closed his eyes, just wanting to hold onto the moment when he felt peace deep inside of the noise in his heart. He’d never been satisfied before, always a hunger driving up from inside of him. Yunho spent much of his life searching, pushing past barriers he thought stood in the way of what he wanted…only to discover the greatest barrier he had was himself… an unwillingness to see the face of the man he loved amid the chaos of his anger.

“What are you thinking about?” Jaejoong finally spoke, whispering a kiss along the ridge of his lover’s collarbone. Nudging Yunho’s shirt aside with his teeth, pulling the fabric loose, Jaejoong ran his tongue beneath the ribbing, leaving a wet trail of hints on his lover’s skin.

“I’m thinking you might have too much clothes on.” Yunho buried away his anger, residual stains of a life he’d led before that night when he found Jaejoong’s tears on his hands. He would only share what his soul wanted now, not the child hidden inside of the man he now was. So much had changed in a few months, his world turned upside down and then straightened back up, everything vibrant and sharp, nearly too bright for his society-shaded eyes. “How about if we work some of them off?”

“You plan a lot.” Jaejoong stepped free from Yunho’s embrace, a slithering shadow of grace. “All you do is plan. Sometimes, I wish you’d just…do.”

His t-shirt joined the hoodie on the floor, easily shed with a nonchalant shrug of his body. Casting a sidelong glance over his shoulder, Jae sauntered over to the wide bed, his fingers unhooking the top button of his jeans. A peek of pale skin winked from the gaping fly, just the barest hint of naked under worn blue denim. Yunho moved to follow, his hands wrapped into the hem of his shirt, a small seductive noise from Jaejoong stopping him from disrobing.

“I want to do that. I want to watch your face as I kiss you naked.” Jae turned, his jeans still partially undone. The lean bodied singer stood, knee canted, a feral hot look in his smoldering eyes. Crooking his finger at the other…much like Yunho’s demand on his own presence in the club, Jae felt a thrill of power creep over his spine as his lover stalked closer, a primal possessiveness clear on Yunho’s face.

“You think I’m going to last long enough with your hands on me?” Yunho growled, wrapping his fingers tight in the hair at the back of Jaejoong’s head. “Why would I just settle for your hands and mouth when I can have everything else too.”

The black silk felt so right there, enrobed around his flesh and bone until Jae’s mewls of arousal broke Yunho’s contemplation of his lover’s body. The singer’s toned muscles were moon-kissed, a winter blanch stark with the shadowed valleys between Jae’s abdomen. Yunho’s own gut clenched in response, his sex tight against the constraints of his jeans, the denim rubbing raw through the cotton of his briefs.

Jaejoong curled his fingers along Yunho’s waistband, running dull fingernails along the sensitive skin along his lover’s belly, ruffling the fine velvet down curving down past the dip of Yunho’s navel. The strength there fascinated Jaejoong, a powerful breadth of muscle toned tight under a golden layer of skin. Yunho retained much of his natural tan during the winter, a honey gold against Jaejoong’s paler ivory. Jaejoong felt the bed behind him, stepping backwards, pulling his lover with him. He kneeled on the soft mattress without looking, his eyes rapt on Yunho’s face.

“Let me.” Jaejoong stopped Yunho’s push against his shoulders, the leader’s hands firm on Jae’s naked shoulders. The singer slid Yunho’s hands from his own body, letting dangle at his waist. The leader allowed himself to be maneuvered into place, his thighs straddling the space in front of Jaejoong’s body. “Please, Yunho. I want to do this.”

“Just don’t take too long.” Yunho’s dark husky voice rasped, emotion clouding his clear tones. “I’ve been thinking about you… like this… all evening.”

“I’ve been thinking mostly about you.” Jaejoong teased, his gaze hooded as he regarded his lover through his lashes. Yunho’s fingers found the back of Jae’s head again, tugging playfully at the razor-cropped hair.

“Mostly?” Curt, Yunho left the teasing tone in his voice despite the rise of jealousy that seemed to flare up at the thought of the singer’s mind being on something other than their own pleasure. “Just mostly? Who else were you thinking about?”

“Mostly. Yes.” Jaejoong agreed, kissing at the other’s stomach as he lifted Yunho’s shirt, his mouth suckling on the rim of Yunho’s belly button. “There was a strawberry that I fell in love with briefly but it left me…unsatisfied.”

“You’re a tease, you know that?” Yunho’s mind lost all thought when Jaejoong’s hot mouth traveled down to lick at the growing bulge under his jeans, the fabric barrier doing little to soften the sensations of Jae’s teeth scraping along the turgid length of his body. Grasping at the other man’s shoulders, Yunho’s hands found purchase, holding the singer still for a moment before sliding down the length of Jae’s back. “You… this is going to be trouble if you continue this. I don’t have spare clothes.”

“Then take off your jeans.” Jaejoong unclipped the fastener at Yunho’s waistband, slowly sliding down the zipper pull, its metal teeth clicking loudly in Yunho’s ears.

Yunho felt each span give way underneath the push of his sex, the shaft growing tighter with each stroke of Jaejoong’s hand. The denim slid off of Yunho’s hips, kicked free when the young man stepped out of their confining length. He moved to hook his fingers into the waistband of his briefs but the touch of Jae’s tongue along the elastic’s edge froze Yunho in place, his head tilted back, savouring the cat-rough feel against him.

“I can’t… not much longer, Boo.” Yunho tried to ignore the mewl in his throat, a sound he found so erotic in Jae’s voice but with more than a taint of surrender in his own. The singer had the audacity to chuckle through the laving, a spot of laughter left behind inside of a kiss imprint. “You like doing this to me. Driving me insane.”

“Yes.” Jae admitted, his giggle turning into a full-bellied laugh as Yunho pushed him back onto the bed, covering the singer’s body with his own. Jaejoong’s jeans were yanked from his legs, a pair of low slung briefs tangled in the fabric, Yelping with surprise, the singer turned over, trying to wiggle free from Yunho’s demanding grip, scrambling up onto the bank of pillows at the headboard.

The room suddenly became still, Yunho resting one knee on the foot end of the mattress, his chest bared as he slid his shirt up the rest of the way, untangling his head from the stretched out collar. A quick dip of his hand into his jeans’ pockets and Yunho turned his intense attention back at his lover, all playfulness fled under the storm of wanton need on his handsome face. With the sight of Yunho clad only in a pair of black briefs stalking over the mattress on all fours towards him, Jaejoong struggled for his breath before laying back onto the feather pillows supporting him.

Yunho’s wider shoulders made his mouth both water and dry, a delectable construct of muscle and bone stretching over Jaejoong’s body. The headboard trembled with the shock of Yunho’s weight against it, his hands supporting his torso, legs sliding over Jae’s slender waist and holding the singer still. The cotton briefs rubbed against Jae’s plump head, the velvet head weeping from the friction. Jaejoong’s breath came in pants, his hips twitching uncontrollably.

“Am I making you as crazy as you made me?” Yunho bent down, savouring Jae’s mouth before biting a hard path down to the other’s pierced nipple.

He played with the bar, rolling the metal between his teeth and gnawing at the nub until his teeth nearly met under the thin pierce, Jae’s gasp of painful pleasure hardening the length of him to a near burst. The leader moved over to the other side, teasing at the nipple and batting away at Jae’s questing grasp, the singer trying to stretch his hand down between his lover’s legs to wrap his slender fingers around Yunho’s girth.

Reaching down, Yunho stroked at the ridge along Jae’s shaft, tracing the moist pout with a practiced swirl. He’d spent only a few hours exploring his lover’s body, purloined moments between exhausting days and too short nights, their bodies drained of all energy save a few brief minutes of nearly torrential pleasure. Yunho wanted to spend hours licking every inch of his lover’s body, returning the favour Jaejoong often woke him up with, the singer’s hot mouth enclosed over his sensitive tip before the strokes of his tongue murmured against Yunho’s spilled seed.

Yunho knew he would have to go slow. There were gashes on Jaejoong’s soul that he could only touch lightly, a mere whisper of affection given as a salve until the wound healed. Now, so many of them lay angry and raw, red beneath the newly scarred over soul-skin, every kiss Yunho laid on the singer’s mouth washing away just a little bit of the rot laid into his lover’s essence by the harsh whip of others’ hatred.

“Lay back. Don’t move.” Yunho ordered Jae, firmly placing one hand on the singer’s shoulders and pushing him back into the fluff of pillows. “My turn.”

It was one of the sweetest things Yunho had ever tasted, the mingling of Jaejoong and strawberries against the roof of his mouth. His lover tasted of musky sweat and candy, the spicy smoke from a clove cigarette and the familiar shiver of zest that seemed to be solely Jaejoong…tart and a burst of tang on Yunho’s tongue. He took his time, first licking down the other’s length, burying his face into the froth of curls scattered at the shaft’s root, a bare silken wave Yunho bit at, nipping carefully over the hypersensitive skin.

“Ah, Yunnie…” Jae’s hands pushed at Yunho’s shoulders, his shattered nerves unable to take the feel of teeth along his lower belly. His lover mewled, a darker, richer sound than Yunho had ever heard before, his hips convulsing with movement.

Jaejoong’s body thrumming into an arch while Yunho slowly circled back down the inside of his hip, finding the hidden tender swath of his thigh, leaving a rising welt behind from a sucking kiss. Yunho ignored Jae’s pleas for mercy, half-hearted begging as the leader pushed at Jaejoong’s knees, spreading apart his lover’s thighs.

Palming the lubricant from the sheets, Yunho expertly popped open the lid, keeping his mouth firm around Jaejoong’s shaft, pulling his mouth up and down until the other writhed, pushing up to reach Yunho with every down stroke. Hoping to warm the gel more, Yunho wrapped his fingers down around Jae’s length, slowing the licks of his tongue and hoping that he would have time before losing all control.

Yunho glanced up, proud of the young man trying to remain still amid the sheer amount of pleasure rocking his body. Jae’s hands were now clenched in the sheets, cottoned fists kneading open and close, a kitten milking the mattress for more. Yunho’s own pearling shaft would wait for the promise of Jae’s body around it, his hardness aching as its head merely brushed against Jae’s shin. The leader could have sworn he felt every little inch of Jae’s skin as he rubbed, his tongue swirling one last time around the tip of Jae’s length.

The rosette was waiting for him, a pouting ring tucked inside of Jae’s warm body. Yunho kissed around the spot gently, working his fingers into the gel on his palm. Over the past few nights, he’d been able to slide more than one into his lover, often at Jae’s insistence on being filled by some part of Yunho’s body. The singer panted, anticipating the intrusion and forcing himself to relax, reminding himself that the starting burn would last only as long as he let it. Falling into the faith he had in his lover, Jaejoong parted his legs, bringing his knees up carefully to let Yunho in.

A single thrust of a finger brought a gasp of shock through Jae’s body, shuddering pleasure spilling from the milky slit along Jae’s shaft head. The expulsion was a precursor, a reaction to the idea of Yunho finally plunging deep into him, spreading him apart and consuming him. Yunho pressed in, feeling Jae’s body straddle the web of his hand. Placing a kiss along Jaejoong’s leg, Yunho looked up at his lover’s flushed face, waiting for him to relax.

It was a tingling full feeling, the spreading of muscle around Yunho’s first entrance into him. It never ceased to shock Jaejoong, his lithe body fighting the want until a final gasp of surrender and then, an awareness of the bliss as Yunho stroked inside of his body. No one had ever made him full before, and his body knew it needed that piece of his lover…a hard pulsating throb against the nerves inside of him. Yunho spoke of a warmth, the tightened noose of silken moisture he felt with the callused surface of his fingers, trying to imagine how the sensations of Jaejoong’s passage wrapped around the too-sensitive breadth of his sex.

Another finger followed, slower this time, longer and more intrusive. Jaejoong fought the sensation of pushing, breathing between clenched teeth as his lover reassured him with soft words, telling him it would be alright. It was always alright, Jaejoong reminded himself. Yunho had never pushed in farther than Jae could stand, often taking long minutes to stretch him until Jae hardened again, sometimes even pulling away so the singer could suckle on Yunho’s length. The taste of his lover in his throat gave Jaejoong the comfort he needed to forge on with their love, the feel of Yunho’s seed in his belly a gratification no one else could match.

“Yunnie.” Jae tried to reach at his lover, bending his torso slightly. Yunho leaned forward, suckling on Jae’s fingers, wetting them with his tongue.

“Do you want me to stop?” Yunho pressed into a slow circle, his own body nearly spilled with desire. “I’ll stop if it’s too much.”

“No…” Jaejoong wasn’t ashamed to say that he begged. He would always beg for anything Yunho would give him. Even if they never touched again, Jae would beg for a glance…anything to fill the emptiness inside of him…a void cut from his heart in the shape of his lover. “I…need…this. I need you. Now. Please.”

A single kiss on Jaejoong’s hip bone was all Yunho gave the singer as he pulled carefully free from Jae’s warm ring. The chill of the gel on his hand shivered up and down Yunho’s hard shaft, only slightly dousing the lingering weeping head’s cry to bury itself deep into Jae’s body. They’d spoken a bit about the how of it, what they wanted the first time and where they would be…and now, amid the realness of it, Yunho realized he wanted more than anything to make Jaejoong come, regardless of anything his own body might do, he wanted the pleasure for Jae to break into the sadness lingering around his lover’s heart.

Yunho pressed one hand on Jae’s hip, slowly turning him over. Laying on his stomach, Jaejoong shivered as another kiss stroked down his back, finding the spot on his lower spine that always made him shiver and then a bite along the rise of one cheek, the underbelly of a delectable peach in Yunho’s mouth.

Jaejoong parted his legs slightly, raising his hips while Yunho slid one of the pillows under him, affording him some comfort and access. Pressing his fingers back along the rosed-ring of Jae’s body, sliding the remaining gel around his own shaft head, Yunho found the entrance to his lover and slowly, lovingly, rocked into the ridged muscle.

The stinging burn was more than what Jaejoong could imagine, his breath sucked clean from his lungs. He didn’t have enough air to protest, a screaming rejection of the intrusion into his body before his mind numbed itself around the love in the other man’s hands as they stroked at his lower back. Just the edge of Yunho’s shaft pressed in, the knob still firmly at the entrance, holding steady until Jae’s body released enough tension to move forward.

“I will stop, love. I won’t hurt you.” Yunho’s heart broke at the thought of giving Jaejoong pain, nearly pulling free from Jae’s promised warmth.

In response, the singer merely slid backward, easing himself slowly back, forcing himself around his lover’s shaft, trying to guide Yunho in deeper. The leader bit softly between Jae’s shoulder blades, easing his aggression with a gentle warning nudge, telling Jaejoong to slow down and let him finish, a sedate breach into the silken warmth.

Nearly fully in, Yunho stilled, hoping not to lose all sense of control his body ached to maintain. His hips moved on their own, barely able to contain the want his mind screamed soundlessly in his skull. Everything in Yunho’s being desired to push in, to test the moisture gripping around him, a burred sensation that nothing else in the world could come close to.

Yunho was able to hold onto himself back, allowing Jae time to adjust to the girth piercing him. A panting heave of quivering sighs rocked Jae’s body and the singer moaned again, darker…more urgent than before. It held nothing of pain, or perhaps just enough to touch off the basest of instincts in Yunho’s system that told him the singer was now all his.

“Mine.” The young man leaned into his lover’s body, touching at Jae’s core. “Say you’re mine.”

The cry came on the wings of a surrender so sweet, it settled into a cotton candy drift on Yunho’s soul. Jae pushed back, sliding Yunho fully in and gripping at his lover’s hands, wrapping his fingers along the back of Yunho’s palms, his short fingernails digging into the leader’s skin.

“Yours.” Jae gasped, biting at the pillow and crying with need. “Please…yours. Only yours.”

Jaejoong’s world shattered under the light of Yunho’s movements, rasping apart the stitched in edges of his soul. A crackling sunburst spread into him, skeins of inky shadows unspooling from around his body…their talons sinking deep into him as they fought to regain some purchase on his writhing body. Yunho’s tortured pants echoed in Jaejoong’s ears, a resonance he matched with passionate moans.

Yunho’s shaft filled him, rubbing against the nub of nerves hidden inside of his depths. Each sliding caress drove the bundled tension cresting in Jaejoong’s groin closer to the edge, parting the adumbration clouding every one of Jaejoong’s breaths until he choked on its thickness.

Moving quicker, he rocked Jaejoong’s body, holding the singer’s hips still with clenched hands as he gave as much pleasure as he took. Gritting his teeth, Yunho waited until Jaejoong’s hardened cock, stroked hard under their pressed bodies, spent…the spasmed seed coating Jae’s belly. Biting his own lip with the effort of milking the last of Jaejoong’s groaning release from his body, Yunho tilted his head back and let go, filling his lover with proof of his bliss. Moving slowly, Yunho leaned forward, massaging Jaejoong’s long legs as he continued to lave the singer’s insides, softening with each stroke.

They lay there, Yunho sliding out to cradle Jaejoong’s lean body against his own. The leader saw the clinging shadows in Jaejoong’s eyes retreat, stealing back into the cracks of his shattered soul. Eyelashes fluttering, Jaejoong fought the sleep that threatened to take him, his quiet protests silenced by Yunho’s hand stroking the small of his back.

Turning, face nestled into the crook of his lover’s arm, Jaejoong fell easily into the warm nest of satisfaction that Yunho tugged around his body. Spangles of light flashed behind his eyes, warning off the shades lurking around the corridors of his mind. Placing a final gentle kiss on the young man’s cheekbone, the sliver of scar rough against Yunho’s lip, the young man settled in for a sated numbness beside the singer…their love a tight barrier against the darkness.

“Yunnie?” The whisper was nearly enough to shake the sleep from Yunho’s eyes, Jaejoong’s soft entreaty hot against his chest.

“What is it, Boo? Are you okay?” Yunho stroked at his lover’s hair, feeling the looseness in Jae’s limber body. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“No.” Jae shook his head, his eyes reflecting the waning light of the city outside. “I just wanted to tell you that I love you.”

Yunho found Jae’s mouth, a kiss that warmed his belly and tasted of all of heaven’s stars. “I love you too, my Jaejoong.”

“And..” Jae licked under Yunho’s chin, a sensual taste of his lover’s sweat and his own seed mingling on his tongue. “I want more.”
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