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So Much Mine: Section Thirty

Section Thirty

new section!

Pairing: JaeHo
Rating: Overall NC-17. This section has a swear word.
Little bunny peace signs for: ranalore.
Summary: The beginning of a shifting relationship. Hot Korean boys. Sex. Dancing and some angry words. Not necessarily in that order. Not necessarily in each section.

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It began here… some of the sweet madness that wormed its way into his sanity, Yunho reflected, his elbows firm against the steel railing overlooking the catwalks. Club NB thrived in the late hours of the night, a miasma of pretty bodies and beautiful faces, moving in a tribal concert to the rhythms pumping from the sound system. Spills of flashing lights, crimson and gold, wove over dancers, their bodies slicing through the beams, a schism of movement caught in the split second of a blink before moving into the shadows. A familiar X song played, nictitating a pulse of movement through the young man that caught Yunho’s eye.

Worn denim clung to the young man’s hips, a flash of skin pale against the blue material. His t-shirt, the brushing tint of a new leaf, turned brilliant yellow in a flash of light, a strobe catching on the silk-screened peony blossoms across his ribcage. The bright white strobe hit on the mottled stains of his once-white hoodie, the elbows marbled with remnants of time spent through troubles and joy.

Eyes closed, razor-cut black hair sculpted down over his high cheekbones, he became sensuality poured into bone and flesh, feline movements amid the less graceful forms fading into nothingness around him. Oblivious to any attentions on him, the young man danced, a full throttle abandon of any constraints on his body.

Jaejoong looked up, and opened his eyes to the young man intently drinking in his every movement, He then smiled broadly, his face holding all the light of the universe in it...and the club darkened in comparison. Yunho’s heart stopped, a thundering silence in his ears. The club faded around his lover, becoming nothing more than a shadowy veil against Jaejoong’s vibrancy.

Holding his arms above his head, Jaejoong lost his body back into the rhythm of the music, keeping his gaze transfixed on Yunho’s face. A thrill worked into him, Yunho’s eyes leaving a trail of heat over his skin. Jae danced solely for his lover, hips moving erotically to the beat, shoulders sliding serpentine around the music. The sole male amid the females allowed on the catwalk surrounding the lower floor of the club, Jaejoong drew interest, his attention solely on the young man he held in his heart. He turned, moving his head to the side, his lashes drawn down over his burnt caramel eyes. The music caught him again, a spiraling descant pulling at his hips, pearling his motion with a slow seductive roll.

Yunho spotted other men watching his lover, sidelong glances made obvious by becoming stares, enraptured by the beautiful singer’s abandon of any shyness, wrapped in a feral unawareness. His primal temperament rode his body, titillating motions intrinsic to his sexual nature. Jaejoong’s soul was open to the evening, drinking in the lights and sounds, naive to the rippling enticement pouring from him. The innocence of Jaejoong’s essence lent to his feral, primordial sensuality, Yunho caught on the sight of his lover’s tongue dipping against his lower lip, moistening at the dryness in the body-heated club.

Women Yunho dismissed. Jaejoong had shown no interest in the simpering females around him. Only an overly aggressive man would be a worry, the pretty faced singer appearing deceptively frail and submissive to anyone who saw him. Yunho knew of the fierce strength that beat in his lover’s heart...jealousy would be something that Yunho would have to contend with on his own. Jaejoong would give him no cause to doubt having given himself over to his lover. There would be no one else, Yunho was sure of it.

Still, the thought of someone else’s eyes on Jaejoong riled a kernel of possessiveness in Yunho’s gut and he bent over the railing, crooking his finger at his lover, motioning for Jaejoong to join him. His response was a pout, full sensually and wanton. Out of the corner of his eye, Yunho spotted one of the interested usurpers’ lick his lips, swallowing the image of Jaejoong’s desire. The leader cocked his head, a stern expression followed by another crooking motion, silent and demanding.

For a long moment, Jaejoong debated defying Yunho’s summons, a languid shift in the music pouring a molasses tempo into his dancing. Pursing his mouth in contemplation, Jaejoong slid around several of the women, making his way to the velvet rope marking off the entrance to the catwalks. The bouncer unhooked the chained cloth, allowing the singer to work free of the steel ramps, a glisten of sweat on Jaejoong’s face. Yunho spotted one of Jaejoong’s admirers moving towards the singer, cutting through the crowd to intercept Jae before he reached the end of the platform. Moving towards the open staircase leading to the lower floor, Yunho’s foot poised on the top step, ready to intervene.

“No.” Jaejoong’s curt dismissal of the man brooked no argument, the succinct refusal clear amid the downbeat of the music.

The playful fluidity of the singer was lost, replaced by an intense thunderous will. Jae continued up the stairs, the man already forgotten as he reached his lover’s side, cupping one hand over Yunho’s ribs before sliding around him to get to their table. More interested in the iced bottle water than the broad-shouldered admirer, Jaejoong gratefully slid into his empty chair, splashing some of the cool liquid onto a napkin to dab off his face.

Yunho knew it was petty to gloat. He’d often heard that. Even knew that oftentimes, it was far better to retire with a gracious win but in this instance, he couldn’t help but turn around and smile at the man who’d pinned his hopes on the mercurial singer. Yunho allowed a small apologetic smile, a quirk of courtesy and a duck of his head. Graciousness towards the forgotten admirer came easy, even easier once he turned around and joined Jaejoong at the table, nudging the singer on the shoulder with his hip.

“You should come down there with me.” Jae leaned into Yunho’s side, slithering his tongue along his lover’s ear, masking the wet caress in a whisper. Yunho laughed, a barking hot sound, his pleasure at the moistness clear on his face. “We can dance together.”

“Probably not here, Boo.” Yunho reminded him, turning his attention back out to the floor. “We’ll attract attention. The wrong kind of attention. And I think I get near you like that, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop from just having you in the middle of the dance floor.”

The floor was dominated by couples, a few women dancing together in clusters of feminine solidarity, a night out sans boyfriends or husbands. He could only guess at the number of men that lurked in the shadows of the club, wandering around the fringes of society to steal surreptitious glances at the seductive beauty of other men. If they were going to hide themselves in the open, it would be years before Yunho could openly share a tight spaced dance with his lover.

“Are you hungry?” Yunho shouted over the raucous yelling, a group of drunken women caterwauling next to them. “You didn’t eat much.”

Yunho’s handsome face turned at the sound of the women’s laughter, a stray stroke of light pulling his features into focus. Bent over the deadly prettiness of the young man next to him, Yunho’s sidelong glance drew their interest, a pair of beauties framed by the club’s light.

Jaejoong heard whisperings, a tingle of recognition winding out from the conversation. Sliding a pair of red-tinted glasses over his eyes, the rectangular wings covering his cheekbones and dark eyes, he glimpsed towards the table slightly behind them. A woman pointed and spoke into her friend’s ear, the other woman’s mouth rounding into an O before turning to stare at the two men. Pulling his hood up, Jaejoong slipped back behind the pure porcelain mask he wore in public, extinguishing the wild creature with the dousing cold of reality.

Yunho’s heart ached, a stabbing pang at the subterfuge of their evening, the careless joy gone from his lover’s face. Holding his hand out to Jaejoong, the leader stood, hooking fingers around Jae’s wrist and pulling him free of the railside table. Dinner had been hours past, a hasty inhalation of noodles and a shot of soju heated by a burner at a kiosk, the brisk night air priming their appetite. With all of the activity, Yunho wanted to get food into his lover’s system, Jaejoong often skipping much needed meals from forgetting to eat.

The front door to the club lay too far away for Yunho’s tastes, the leader not wanting to forge through seas of people just to get to freedom. Ducking past the catwalk, Yunho searched out the back exit, dragging a closed down Jaejoong behind him. The beauty was still there, an unearthly angel detached from the world around him, a ghost butterfly pinned through with a steel pin.

Regret followed Jae, his night left behind him. Yunho’s smile grew grim, joy flattened into a greyness at the sadness in his heart, wishing he could give his lover just one more minute of anonymity, a slice of inattention to throw himself into the sheer gluttony of his body moving against the beat of music.

Jae jerked to a stop, moving his head in the direction of the restrooms. Careful to keep hydrated, he’d consumed entire bottles of water and now needed a little time. Grinning, Yunho stopped short, sliding to a posed guard on the door, a single stall lockable from the inside. Jae slipped in and Yunho leaned his head back, exhaling hard. A flip of his phone would give them some time, a small little thing he could do to soothe the troubles on his lover’s soul.

The bathroom’s walls glimmered with pen marks, flyers and bits of photos sliced to show only grinning faces, teeth blaring white under the flickering black light seeping from under the crack of the door sill. Jaejoong gripped at the edges of the urinal, working himself free and releasing the torrent of the night he held inside of him. His stomach growled, reminding him the majority of the noodles had been eaten by his lover, his appetite now keening from the night of dancing and lusting after Yunho’s touch.

A span of wall left untouched, relatively. The ink scribbled down to the wood, faded from hands touching, fingers running over the markers’ leavenings. He wanted to leave something of the night, needing to leave something of them behind. Jaejoong wasn’t sure if he could even believe that he hadn’t fallen into a dream, a fugue state filled with Yunho’s scent…his taste… the delicate skimming of his fingers along Jaejoong’s chin. There had to be something of him and his lover that he could have forever, something left in the folds of the world that they had to hide from.

Jaejoong found a crimped binder clip, a cast off piece of hard metal he’d tucked in there after a radio show. The metal fastener on the top popped off, springing loose between his pinched fingers. A few minutes, long minutes of digging into the soft particle board left the imprint of that moment, safe inside of closed walls with Yunho guarding him outside. It would be his forever, no one able to touch him, the sound of techno thumping into his veins and the rush of knowing that outside of the door, a kiss waited for him… a taste of heaven only his.

His hands slightly moist from a washing in the ice cold water from the sink, Jaejoong opened the door, spotting Yunho. A smile coyly eased over his pretty face, bashfully opening for the lover he cherished. Around them, strobes flickered overhead, filling the nooks of shadows with blinding flashes. In the span of the door opening, a fresh carving on the wood bore Jae’s efforts.

JY-n-KJ: A shard of Jaejoong’s healing soul leaving a wishing kiss behind. It would be lost under plastered stickers and declarations of love left with ink and spit, but it would remain, however hidden, Jaejoong knew that it would be there.

Yunho claimed Jaejoong as soon as he exited the bathroom, cornering the singer against a niche, covering the other’s mouth with a savage kiss. Giggling against Yunho’s mouth, Jaejoong nipped at the other’s chin, tasting the lemon soju they’d shared when he moved on to suckle at his lover’s mouth. A hand, fingers cold from the water, skittered along Yunho’s spine, Jaejoong touching on the warm spot of his lover’s back, the span between his shoulder blades arching in response to the cold.

“Ah, that’s freezing.” Yunho pulled back, lightly shaking at the singer’s shoulders. “What did you do? Wipe your hands on ice?”

“The water is cold in there.” Jaejoong laughed, tucked into Yunho’s chest. The feeling of calm once more filled him, a delightful aria of happiness bubbling along his soul. “Shall we go home?”

“We’re not going home.” Yunho replied, tugging on Jaejoong’s upper arm. Perplexed, Jae fell into step behind his lover, keeping hidden by the other’s broader shoulders.

“Where then? Food?” Jaejoong patted his empty stomach, the few noodles long since gone through his system. The buzz of the lemon soju hummed along his nerves, diluted by the water he’d consumed. Still, the skin on his cheeks were a bit numb, the edges of his mouth dry from the potent liquor’s bite. “I’m hungry. And we left Changmin with all of the food. The foil will be licked clean. If we go there, we’ll have to beg for scraps of bones from the cats behind the building.”

“I told you, we’re not going home.” Yunho replied, nodding an acknowledgement at the bouncer guarding the back exit. The large man pushed open the heavy steel door, letting the pair into the open air alley they’d fought in a few months past. The singer dug in his heels, standing on the cement stoop where he first broke his heart on Yunho’s hardened soul. That soul had since softened, unfurling to embrace the feral young man into its warmth.

“Where then?” At the end of an alleyway, a taxi waited, its lights flashing for its customers.

A short, squat driver stood by the back passenger door, a black cap fending off the worst of the wind from driving frostbite into the man’s tender skin. Yunho helped Jaejoong into the back, his hand firm along the singer’s hip, a soft word to the driver’s ear. The leather seat squeaked as Yunho slid in, a sharp sound in the tight confined space. Jaejoong glanced at the back of the driver’s head, the smoked glass between them clouding their view. Taking advantage of the distortion, Jaejoong tucked himself under Yunho’s offered arm, bashful once again at the boldness of their affection.

“Do you think we can have him drive around forever?” Jaejoong whispered into Yunho’s shirt. He pulled together a shuddering breath, tension leaving his body. He felt Yunho’s hands on his back, stroking at a spot above his waist. His body rose to meet the familiar touch, the span of skin recalling the past few days of Yunho’s hands pressed there, a slick penetration slowly opening him apart in preparation for the night they would spend fully joined.

“I think he would run out of gas.” Yunho whispered into his lover’s hair, making the same wish, hoping the night would spin on until eternity. “But we can always pay for more.”

Seoul wove a sea of lights around them, in the distance, the skyline of Lotte broke through the lit canopy, beckoning in the late evening hours. A trail of sky cars bobbed along in the sky, floodlights illuminating the airborne cabs filled with couples looking for romance. Jaejoong leaned back, his head resting on Yunho’s shoulder, watching the street pass by. They sat quietly, sharing the moments stolen out of their busy lives, lost just in the feeling of being with one another, no one else around as the world spinning around them.

The cab drove towards a steep incline, formal lamps lining the wide driveway. Glass walls seemingly rose from granite cliffs, the sheen of fine polished wood encasing the structure, a series of waterfalls splashing curtains of misting water, connecting the intersecting levels. A wide overhang protected any guests from a chance rain, a possibility in Seoul’s unpredictable weather. The luxurious hotel spread out over the hillside, crystal chandeliers evident in the spacious lobby.

“Yunho!” Jaejoong’s astonished voice trembled, trepidation in his tone. He knew this hotel. The events that unfurled in its walls fractured his lover’s foundation. The last thing he wanted was to inflict more anguish in Yunho’s heart. They’d suffered so much as it was. Jaejoong wanted to wipe it all away like forgotten tears. “We shouldn’t be here. Yunho… why here? This is too much to ask of you.”

“I’m thinking that tonight, we should visit every place that left a stain on us… on being together and wipe it clean.” Yunho stared up at the hotel where his parents chose to cleave him from their lives, a heartbreaking shattered memory he longed to erase. “Tonight, this is where we start our lives. On the ashes of everything that we thought we once had… to build on everything that we’ll become. This is why I brought you here. I want this to be …ours. Not anyone else’s life.. our life. Our life together“

“Right here. This isn’t a tragic place. It shouldn’t be. This is some place that we should celebrate our being together.” Yunho pressed his mouth on Jaejoong’s, stealing a kiss from his lover’s sweetness “This is where I ended. This is where we began.”


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    For those of the members here who have not yet been made aware of this, please go and vote for Jaejoong at the Shorty Awards website. If he wins, he…

  • [DISC] YunJae Everlasting

    Y u n J a e E v e r l a s t i n g : where true love exists YunJae Everlasting was created 3 years ago after much discussion from ~YunJae Heaven~…

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