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So Much Mine: Section Twenty-Eight

Section Twenty-Eight
Caution: Lemon warning under first break. Lemon soju warning

Note: If you do not see an update from me tomorrow that is because I have taken a day off. I have spent nearly a month writing more than 2000 words a day. ANd i think I might take tomorrow off. There will be an update on Monday for sure. If I do post, it will be quite small. Please do not think I have abandoned updating. It will only be a one day break. Thank you for your patience. And for reading! Many hugs to you all.

Pairing: JaeHo
Rating: Overall NC-17. This section HAS explicit sex.
All credit for this goes to ranalore. Voyeur that she is.
Summary: The beginning of a shifting relationship. Hot Korean boys. Sex. Dancing and some angry words. Not necessarily in that order. Not necessarily in each section.

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“Did Yunnie-ah come home last night?” Changmin glanced at the hallway, spotting the closed door at the end of the hall. His amber-dipped wide eyes felt crusted with sleep, a tired malaise hung onto his bones from the restless night he’d spent wondering about the others scattered about the apartment and the one that lay still outside. Yunho’s absence bothered him, more so than the jagged tears on Jaejoong’s soul. Jae would always survive…broken and torn apart but still, strong enough to continue plodding forward until he finally dropped from exhaustion, giving up on himself before he betrayed the commitment he’d taken for the five of them.

Yunho was different. Fierce in his loyalty, Yunho’s foundation was based on the life he led and the beliefs he held. It would be different now that his world had been rocked apart by his declaration of love. All of his attention would have to be focused on loving Jaejoong, a curiously odd chaotic creature that none of them ever really understood…but adored none the less.

It would be Jaejoong that would set things to right…the silent little offerings of maternal care that seemed to emanate from his actions. Jae was the one who absorbed much of their teasing, ignored the biting sarcasm of their words, often hiding behind hurt eyes until someone noticed his pain. Yunho would bowl over anyone standing in his way. In his mind, his word was law. There was no discussion about what was right or wrong. Yunho’s law ruled the group. In some ways, the leader was much like the father he both loved and now hated.

“I heard him come in a little while ago. He’s been out for a while.” Yoochun poured water into a teapot, one of the many that seemed to litter through the house.

Yunho was the only one of them that drank coffee on occasion, the automatic coffee drip set up against a corner of the tiny kitchen but the teapots in their home were legion. He debated over the range of teas they’d gathered from various stores, sniffing at the black pepper tea bags that appeared sometime overnight. Shrugging at the spicy blend, Yoochun put the box back and found an oolong he knew Junsu liked, hoping to surprise the other in bed with a bracing cup of tea and some food.

The quiet footsteps woke Micky up, the light from outside barely creeping past the curtains. His hand was cold, still outstretched from touching Junsu right before they both fell asleep, the other singer’s hand brushing on his fingers. In the brief space between them, Yoochun watched the morning draw its kiss over Junsu’s peaceful features, a soulful mirth at his mouth’s corners.

Hard wood flooring carried the sound of the other bedroom door opening and then closing with a click, the footsteps fading behind the stout wood. Jaejoong’s lover had come home to him, hopefully to wipe away the stain of tears from the lead singer’s soul. Yoochun’s heart ached in the hopes of his friend’s love. One of them deserved to be happy. More importantly, it would be the world’s greatest gift if Jaejoong had someone’s heart to fall into… the tragic sorrow ripening in the depths of his shattered psyche would die off, leaving nothing but pleasure and smiles behind.

“Do you think they are alright?” Min asked softly, glancing under his lashes at the older man. “Maybe I should go check on them.”

Last night, being close to Junsu hurt Changmin, the other singer concentrating only on his anger against the oblivious Yoochun. He’d garnered a mild affection for the smiling Junsu, always a teasing jab or hearty joke shared in the back of the studio or just before they went on stage and Changmin wondered to himself if the nearly always happy singer could become more than a close friend but the fates had other things in store for Junsu’s heart. Micky’s presence usually changed that loose affection towards Changmin, drawing Junsu away from his attentions to Min and onto the often goofy, emotional Yoochun. Junsu wandered off, his thoughts on another dream, a drifting circle away until he hovered just outside of Yoochun’s arms, their heads sometimes bent over in a private joke.

“I don’t think checking on Yunnie and Jae would be a good idea.” Yoochun warned the youngest off, remembering the shock of seeing the two eldest singers tangled against one another, loose sheets hardly covering anything of their naked bodies. “Yunho probably had a lot to talk about…especially about how he feels now. If there was something wrong, we would have heard about it. Jaejoong can be loud when he’s angry.”

“You think Joongie-ah is angry at Yunho for leaving?” The thought never occurred to Changmin, his mind altering the vision of the lead singer weeping with relief at having his boyfriend home. An irate Jaejoong was difficult to achieve but given the right words…or the wrong ones… the inferno of rage rose quickly, a hot fierceness that battered nearly everything it focused on. “Aish, why would he be mad?”

“Because sometimes, Jaejoong doesn’t think like the rest of us mortals. He is a thunderstorm that we merely have to withstand, ” Yoochun smiled, a wide open gesture on his handsome face. “I’m sure Yunho has soothed him down. They’ll work it out. They love each other. And, luckily, want to see an eternity fighting and loving the other. That’s always a good thing.”

“Is love always enough?” Changmin’s plaintive query stopped Yoochun’s pouring of hot water over the tea bags, something poignant in the younger man’s voice. “Can it be enough?”

“It has to be, Min.” Steam coursed out of the mugs, the fragrance of steeping leaves fresh in Yoochun’s senses. He thought of Junsu and the press of the other’s mouth on his, the awakening of long suppressed desires edging into his dreams. “I hope so…for Yunnie and our Jaejoong.”

Leaving the kitchen, his hands full of hot tea mugs, Yoochun didn’t hear Changmin speak softly behind him, the youngest’s head dragged down with the weight of his thoughts. “Suppose, Chunnie-ah, it’s not enough to love but not to be loved. Then what? What do I do then?”

The sun dropped its assault on the day, the rain clouds assuming control over the hours with a washing torrent of grey light. Under the curtains, the streams of light dimmed on the wooden floor, dousing the brilliance of gold from the whorls of grain beneath the polish. Yunho watched the light run out of the room, leaving the stain of the day on Jaejoong’s pretty face.

“You are so beautiful.” Yunho claimed another kiss, his hand moving up under Jaejoong’s shirt. The singer shivered under the touch, lifting himself up as Yunho guided the fabric up over Jae’s head, tossing the shirt aside. Yunho stopped Jaejoong from tugging off his shirt, pushing the other’s hands aside. “Let me look at you.”

The fine vermilion sheets were a vibrant backdrop to Jaejoong’s exquisite body, nearly snow pale from the winter sun. His skin would glow golden during the summer months but for now, the kiss of a burnished frost shimmered a translucent light over Jae’s body. Dipping his head down, Yunho tasted the dip of Jaejoong’s navel, biting at the ring piercing the delicate flesh on his belly.

A hiss of Jae’s passion escaped between his clenched lips, his body arching up to meet the laving, silently begging Yunho to continue the caress. Jaejoong’s lover smiled against the breadth of skin he was pressed against, biting softly into the nubbed flesh of the singer’s nipple. His hands roamed over the young man he now could claim as his own, wanting to leave behind a mark on tender flesh, something hidden under the singer’s clothes…a spot that he could touch and share the intimate feeling of Jae’s passion when they exchanged a secret glance.

“I…need you.” Jae whispered into the shell of Yunho’s ear, husky desire rasping his dulcet voice. “I need to taste you in my mouth.”

“We take this slow between us, remember?” The leader reached under Jae’s chin with a nip of his teeth. “I want you to trust me. Let me guide how this goes. Okay?”

Jaejoong’s mute nod once more flirted with his shyness, his eyes dropping from Yunho’s face. The openness the leader demanded from his lover made him bashful, his soul never so openly displayed for another before. It was as if Yunho’s flesh was thrust as deeply into his very core, merely through the intent glances the leader raked over his semi-naked form. Gathering his boldness up, Jaejoong pressed to remove Yunho’s shirt, the young man lifting his arms to allow the singer to pull off the garment.

Yunho’s thicker body bore a greater strength in its form than Jaejoong’s, a symphony of power contained in developed muscles, a sleek commanding potency that took Jae’s breath away. He’d always been drawn to men, he’d found the desire to examine another man’s body hovered at the edge of his thoughts but Yunho was the first man Jaejoong felt he wanted to lay next to in the morning to listen to the rain outside, a shared murmur of bodies lying naked in pleasure.

Jae’s lover undressed him, urging a slow reveal with a shift of his hands moving Jaejoong’s hips up, curving underneath the other’s rear, cupping the lush richness there. The grey sweatpants slid off easily, joining the shirts already cast onto the rug in the middle of the room. Jaejoong tilted his head back, moaning loudly at the feel of Yunho’s hand and mouth curl down the column of his throat. His sex responded hard to the touch, the scent of Yunho’s arousal echoing in his memories.

The leader’s jeans shucked off of his legs, sliding down over his feet. Yunho reached forward, covering Jaejoong’s body with his own, using his arms to support his weight, elbows locked as he stared down at Jae’s bashful blush.

“I love how you are shy with me.” Yunho dipped down, sliding between Jae’s legs and resting his greater weight carefully on the young man’s body. “It’s like I have to coax everything out and when I do, it’s like nectar on my tongue.”

The leader’s hands found Jae’s nipples, first rolling one between his fingers and then the other, watching Jae’s face turn passionate under the pressure. The piercing ached to be touched, a roll of metal through Jaejoong’s tender flesh, Yunho’s manipulations running through nerves inside of Jae’s chest. The singer’s hips twitched up, the feel of Jaejoong’s hard sex cup into Yunho’s made the leader’s mouth dry from the sensations flooding through him. Jae searched for some relief from the weeping desire…anything to rub against to erase the crawling nerves of his tight skin. He found the heat of Yunho’s thigh and curled into it, the roughness of the other’s nipple perfect for the too-sensitive skin along his shaft.

“God, you just undo me.” Yunho’s own body was already primed for Jaejoong’s touch, a skittering of finger tips along his hard length, Jae’s hands moving with a slow want, his thumb and palm encircling the root of his sex. Yunho breathed out, a hard rattling sound mingled with a groaning burn, burying his face into the crook of Jae’s throat. He bit down, taking a mouthful of Jae’s flesh, sucking hard and leaving a purpled welt. The mark thrilled some primal thread in Yunho’s soul, knowing that anyone who saw the bruising skin would know someone’s hands had been on Jaejoong’s delicious body.

“I want you in my mouth. Please, Yunho.” Jaejoong whispered, hot breath skimming over Yunho’s chest, trying to slide out under the other’s body. Yunho lifted up slowly, watching Jaejoong’s lithe form move gracefully, his waist twisting about, the supple movements erotically enticing. Yunho pressed on Jaejoong’s hips, hoping to turn the singer fully around, reaching for the other’s sex with a caressing hand.

Jae licked carefully, watching Yunho’s heavy shaft twitch with the touch. The sensitive tip cried its desire, a single milky drop welling from the slit, the faint pink pout of the swollen head opening up as Jaejoong’s tongue moved along the tender skin. Jae’s teeth brushing on the ridge of the glans jerked Yunho’s shaft against the singer’s face, his mouth a full open pout as it slid down around to encircle the other’s sex. He sucked harder, pulling at the inner skin, feeling Yunho lengthen against the roof of his mouth.

The heft of Yunho’s sac rolled in Jae’s palm, the sensual musk of hidden flesh a treacle on Jaejoong’s tongue when he lapped around the base, sucking at the malleable flesh, pulling at the spongy texture with a delicate touch of his lips. Yunho groaned, his body tightening itself up as the seed in him reacted to Jae’s moistness. Oval orbs curled up into the hollow of his groin, rolling back against Jae’s hand as the young man returned his attentions to the soft skin below Yunho’s belly button, sprinkled with a coarse silky skein of sparse hair.

Yunho focused on the form writhing against his, trying to reach some part of Jaejoong with his mouth. A spider web delicately patterned on the singer’s tender sex, begging for some kind of relief from the tantalizing whisper of want roiling through Jae’s body. Having tasted Jae once, Yunho longed for another sip of the sweetness caught inside of his lover’s body. Jae jumped at the touch of the tip of Yunho’s tongue on the sensitive skin under his turgid length, his lover’s licking rough and arousing.

Growling in response, Jaejoong pulled on his lover’s shaft with a long draw of his mouth, holding his lips tights against the burl of flesh. Sucking harder, he pulled back, running his tongue back along the tip’s edge, Yunho’s glans bobbing down against the flat of his tongue. The leader sighed, reaching for the plastic tube he’d tucked against his side, warming the gel inside.

Jaejoong didn’t hear the flick of the cap opening, nor the squishing noise of Yunho’s palm pressing the tube’s contents into the cup of his fingers. A pleasant almond scent filled the air, reminiscent of sweets. Slickened, Yunho’s fingers flirted at the edge of Jaejoong’s muscle ring, just teasing the pucker. Jae gasped with Yunho deep in his throat, wanting the taste of his lover before he pushed any further.

“Please, Yunnie.” Jae wasn’t sure if his pleas could be heard around Yunho’s flesh in his throat, his mouth convulsing around the heat building up along Yunho’s body. His body felt on fire, Yunho’s other hand on the small of his back, guiding him along as Jae rubbed his sex between Yunho’s arm and his chest. The friction felt erotically forbidden, a seemingly innocent spot on his lover’s body giving him a pleasure he’d not experienced before.

Sex had been something he’d done, a futile effort to hold something akin to emotion against his barren, love-leeched soul. When he stumbled out of the warmth of his family, Jaejoong discovered how empty a void his heart could have been, too young to find his world had devolved into a sodden cardboard box staving off the torrential rains that battered at South Korea. Despite surviving winter outside in the elements, Jaejoong knew that the bitter cold of a harsh snow held more warmth than the corners of his broken heart. Only now, with Yunho’s mouth on him and the echoing words of love he held in his heart, did Jaejoong feel the banks of ice begin to melt around the curves of his soul.

The initial entrance was warm, a pulling apart of his flesh, muscle clenching to push out the intrusion. Jaejoong concentrated on relaxing his body, Yunho’s gentle shushing encouragements and a press of the other’s hand on the small of his spine urging him to take in more than the tip of Yunho’s finger. Slick with lubricant, the first joint worked in slowly, Yunho rubbing at the spot above Jaejoong’s rear, sometimes gliding down over the mounds of quivering muscle, rubbing at the nervousness of his lover’s taut body.

Jaejoong held his breath, the teasing flirt of bone and flesh dipping slightly into him, just a brush against the pout of his rim. The touch burned, the skin ripened with anticipation while something throbbed deep just on the other side of the barrier, begging for Yunho’s touch. His lover’s hand reached under Jae, cupping at the hardness between his legs, gel moistened hand slick on the aching shaft. Yunho moved his fingers slowly over Jaejoong’s sex, coaxing a raspy moan from the other’s breathless mouth.

“Don’t stop… licking at me.” Yunho whispered, running his hand up around to the span of skin between Jae’s shoulder blades, urging him down with a slight push. Jaejoong dipped his head back down, continuing his laving at Yunho’s length. His teeth nipped slightly along the tender skin at Yunho’s root, a suggestion to return the hand that had been caressing him. Yunho complied, running his fingers along the sensitive ridges of Jaejoong’s ribcage before returning to stroking at his lover’s sex.

The sensations running through Jae’s body made him gasp deep in his throat, convulsing the tight space around Yunho’s shaft, the soft-velvety head captured against the roof of Jae’s mouth. Yunho continued to press at the resistance of Jaejoong’s body, lubing the entrance with the excess on his hand. He waited until the other had pulled back a bit, not wanting the shock of intrusion to startle Jaejoong then pressed in further, breaching the tight ring with the first joint of his finger.

“Ah…Yunnie..” Jae panted, exhaling hard. The intrusion hurt, his muscles tightening around the end of Yunho’s finger. Schooling himself against the burn, Jae tilted his head back, letting the feel of Yunho’s hand against his sex rub him into an arousal, telling himself to relax his body’s tenseness. The throbbing just beyond the ring wall lay screaming for the other’s touch, a sense of urgency that fought with the need to pull away. A part of Jaejoong wanted to slide back down onto Yunho’s hand, forcing his finger in deep, drawing every part of his lover as far into him as possible while another part yelped at the invasion, the too private place tucked inside of his core.

“Ssshhh…it’s okay, Boo. Let me in. Just relax.” Yunho continued to stroke at Jae’s entrance, his other hand lifted from Jae’s groin long enough to apply more gel to the delicate area his fingers stroked into compliance. A hissing need shuddered through Jae’s body, the young singer instinctively pushing back against his lover’s welcome intrusion, sliding Yunho further in.

He felt full, a warm pressing from the inside of his body. Jaejoong swallowed around the tip of Yunho’s cock, panting with the effort of remaining still long enough for the feeling of being penetrated to subside into a comfortable state. Yunho was harder still, his own body thrumming with the pleasure of Jaejoong’s mouth on him, the feel of his lover’s weeping sex in his hand and then finally, to be inside of the moist, hot warm silk of Jaejoong’s body.

“Too much…not enough.” Jaejoong rested his head against Yunho’s thigh, panting hard. Yunho leaned forward, kissing at the small of Jae’s back, biting the area between his teeth and moved inside of his lover again, circling the ring slowly. A creaking sound of pleasure hitched along Jae’s throat, senseless words spilling from his pout, the intake of his hot breath soothing the milky seeded slit of Yunho’s sex.

Then, Jaejoong felt the brush of Yunho against the tidbit of throbbing in his body, a bundle of nerves that sent waves of indescribable flux of emotions through him. It tasted just on the edge of fear, the bright metallic hovering of his senses thrust into electricity, a sparkling lightning wave riding over him. It burst along the back of his throat, into his brain and numbed his mind. An explosion of stars crested in the recessed darkness of his soul, reaching parts of him Jae had long thought dead. Yunho's love made him weep, wanting to wring out the last drops of sorrow his soul seemed determined to hold onto. A kiss from Yunho's mouth eased that shadow, pusing back the demons eating at Jaejoong's heart, filling the bites with a warmth of healing.

The response in Jae's twisting body drove the last bit of control from Yunho’s mind, his seed gathering under the touch of his lover’s mouth and hands, convulsing with the release of his desire into the warmth of Jae’s parted lips. Heat from Jae’s tongue guided Yunho’s gush into his throat, sealing the glans against his teeth and swallowing at the milky, salt-sweet musk his lover offered into him. Another push against the small nodule deep inside of Jaejoong left a shuddering response along the singer’s spine, his body curling along his ribcage, his stomach clenching tight as his shaft throbbed and released, Yunho’s hand holding him steady until the other could lick at the seed.

Keeping the pressure slowly circling inside of Jaejoong’s body, Yunho watched his lover let loose the emotional control of his system, tears welling along the singer’s eyes at the sheer pleasure of his release. Satisfied, Yunho kissed Jaejoong clean, dragging the edges of his lips along the singer’s thighs and easing out of Jae, drawing Jaejoong’s still convulsing body up to cuddle against him.

“You’ve taken everything from me. And given me everything back. I can’t move.” Jaejoong whispered, lethargy stealing through his bones. No one had…touched him like that before nor had he ever wanted to give more of himself than in that moment with Yunho…in every moment he had with Yunho. The tenderness left an empty ache deep in him, the want for every bit of his lover to be inside of him…resting in him until they slept…waking up with Yunho tucked into his body and slowly moving them awake. “I don’t want to move. Do you think we can just hide here from the world?”

“Yes.” Yunho nodded, stealing a final kiss from Jaejoong before the sleepy young man drifted off. It would cost nothing to agree with his lover, the one who rested against his chest and inside of his heart. “We can stay here forever. Even if our bodies leave, here is where we’ll stay. Just like this. Always.”
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