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|FIC| Sugar and Ice: Section 2

Title: Sugar and Ice
Author: Hosoi-koe
YunJae, JaeHo
Raiting: G for this installment; NC-17 all over
Length: 3/ 12, at least, maybe more
Warnings: Angst, weird dreams, boy-lovin'~
Summary: For this part: "“Press me to your lips…I’ll suck the poison out.” He answered, and before I could question him, his lips were on mine. It barely lasted for a minute. When he pulled away, he pushed violently against my hands, sending me spinning away from him."
For the story: Through some weirdo dreams, a relationship is born? Yeah, that's how I hope it's going to happen
Author's notes: Still not as long as I'd like, but what can ya do, eh? Another song inspired section, I think all of the dream segments are gonna be like this. If you guys are interested, I'll upload the songs, so you can hear the words being sang? Song #3 - AFI - 37mm

etherenia for beta'ing <3, Majority of the dialogue Davey Havok inspired...o.O The dream kept haunting me every night for several more weeks. JaeJoong and everyone expressed their worry for me frequently, and YooChun even mentioned that I should go see a psychiatrist. Sometimes, when I woke up, there were little red marks on my arms. JaeJoong told me that they were from his hands as he tried to stop me from squirming too violently. The marks were thinner than fingers, though, and lingered like surface scratches. One night after a long day of rehearsal, I fell into bed and almost immediately fell asleep. The dream started as it usually did, the icy wind and I fighting a mortal battle for control. I could feel the bruises forming on my arms where branches beat into me. I walked passed ChoiKang, Xiah, and Micky, still feeling as if I didn’t know them. As usual, I walked back to the tree and time stopped. My eyes closed, and that beautiful YoungWoong came to taunt me from the frozen lake. My heart beat harder this time, almost as if I was finally anticipating my frozen fate. Each time I revisited the frozen wonderland, things started becoming clearer; I began recognizing the area and it felt almost like I belonged there, doomed to repeat myself. Freezing water consumed me, but it did not end there. Looking up, I could see the milky plate of ice above me, and I began slamming my hands against it. The hole I had fallen through disappeared, leaving only sharp pieces of ice floating around me. Once, my hand slid up to slam against the ice, and I saw a murky explosion of red come from the sudden pain in my hand. Crying out, I felt water fill my lungs. My underwater world spun, and I struggled harder to find an escape. I could taste my own blood, a metallic ring in the grainy water of the lake. I was going to die; I could feel my head begin to pound and my lungs beg for oxygen. My heart was erratic, and in the fading light of my vision, it looked like the water was vibrating around the thump of each heartbeat. I felt my hand slide away from the ice, and I was sure I was sinking. Someone told me once that if you died in a dream, you died in reality. It felt like I was, too, like something was drowning me elsewhere. Maybe I was sick. A hand caught me in the darkness, and I felt myself being pulled. Struggling to open my eyes, my gaze was filled with the same visage that haunted me earlier. He was smiling at me, but this time he wore no cloak. Dressed in black, I could barely make out his clothing. The necklace that had his name on it floated in front of him, the silver glinting in what little light shone down through our icy sky. “Bring your secrets to me…” His voice sounded childish, and his touch warmed my hands. “Give me your hand…” He said, reaching for the hand that he wasn’t already holding. “Your secrets…I’ll let you feel the wounds they put in me…” It felt like minute both of our hands held one another’s, that my entire body was wracked with immense pain. This time, when I screamed, no water entered my mouth. “You wouldn’t believe me.” I said, the words coming out of me with no control; I didn’t even know where they came from. “If you’d believe me, I’d tell you everything…” He leaned towards me, using his hands to pull our floating bodies closer. “It’s silent, can you hear me?” He tilted his head, and the water around us caused strands of black hair to tickle his cheeks. “If you’d listen to me, you’d tell me everything.” His words struck a chord in my heart, and I kicked my legs to bring us closer. “Do you fall too?” I asked, my words sounding desperate, even to me. “Yes, I fall.” He whispered, the chocolate sweetness of his voice melting the water around us. I glanced at my hand, watching my blood continue to seep out between our fingers. “Do you want to fall into me?” I asked, feeling our chests touch. I could feel his heart beating against mine. “Press me to your lips…I’ll suck the poison out.” He answered, and before I could question him, his lips were on mine. It barely lasted for a minute. When he pulled away, he pushed violently against my hands, sending me spinning away from him. “Time, we’re not waiting…” I reached out for him or anything that would stop my insistent spiral downwards. Fighting to swim upwards; I heard his voice singing in the water. “Time, we’re no one…” “Yunho!” JaeJoong’s voice was shrill. YunHo had begun his nightly struggle and the lead singer had rushed to the man’s bedside, beginning his fruitless attempts to wake up his band mate. Usually, YunHo would shake and whisper incoherently, but instead, JaeJoong could clearly make out what the other was saying. “Stop walking so fast! Can you hear me? Please, listen! I just want to talk to you!” The dialect of his hometown made it difficult for JaeJoong to understand some of the man’s screams. He gripped YunHo’s arms, giving him several shakes as the man began crying, crystal tears running down his cheeks. “Jung YunHo! Wake up! You’re just dreaming!” Their shouts had woken up the rest of the house, but so far, only the youngest, Changmin, had dared to peek his head inside of the room. JaeJoong looked over his shoulder when he heard the other gasp slightly, but he paid him no further heed. YunHo’s body tensed suddenly, and JaeJoong whimpered in pain when the band leader’s hands gripped his forearms tightly. He could feel the man’s fingernails cutting little crescent moons into his skin, on one side, he felt the slow trickle of blood. JaeJoong looked down at his friend, shaking his shoulders again. “YunHo, wake up! Please!” Almost in response, YunHo’s hand flew upward, crashing into one of the metal bars that made up his headboard. Something sharp must have caught the other’s palm, seeing as when the limb dropped lifelessly onto the pillow above the young man’s head, blood came pouring from a large, gaping wound. That sight seemed to frighten ChangMin, and the youngster ran from the door, screaming, “YooChun! YooChun! YunHo hyung is bleeding!” JaeJoong could hear the voices of his band mates outside the door, but he didn’t focus on them, his eyes staring down at the calm visage of his friend. YunHo’s chest heaved with each breath just as heavily as JaeJoong’s did. Reaching up, he took hold of the other’s bleeding hand, trying to pressure the blood to stop flowing. “YunHo, please wake up…please…you’re scaring me…” He cooed against the other man’s ear, having to lean forward in order to hold his hand; YunHo’s arm refused to bend and move. JaeJoong searched his friend’s face, glancing up at the wound once. When he looked back, YunHo’s eyes were open, staring at him. “YunHo?” His words were hopeful, had the other man woken up? “You wouldn’t believe me…” JaeJoong opened his mouth to say something, but YunHo continued before he could. “If you’d believe me, I’d tell you everything…” By that time, their other roommates had entered the room, ChangMin clinging to YooChun and JunSu peering around the door with a frightened look. JaeJoong glanced at them, his eyes wide and the confusion clearly written on his usually expressionless face. “YunHo, what are you talking about?” Jae felt his voice shake painfully; YunHo’s empty stare was haunting. He started to doubt that YunHo was even awake. “Do you fall?” YunHo leaned up then, pressing their chests together, and the onyx-haired singer found that he could not pull away. “Do you want to fall into me?” YunHo paused in between each thing he said, almost as if he was listening to someone reply to him. With his eyes still open, he leaned in further. JaeJoong gasped audibly when YunHo kissed him, pulling away after a moment was given to him to realize what was going on. He pulled his hand from his friend’s, watching as the leader of Dong Bang Shin Ki fell back into his pillows, his face finally peaceful and his mind sleeping soundly. “Joongie…did Yunho ah just kiss you?” JunSu’s questioning voice rang clearly through the cool air of the room, making JaeJoong twitch in surprise. His dark, soulful gaze turned to his friends at the door. He didn’t know what had just happened, or what it meant. His gaze turned to the blood that coated his hands. It wasn’t long before YunHo’s alarm went off, startling them all into movement. Prologue, Section One
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