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[Mod post] update on the current situation

As most of you know, the last few days have been pretty insane in terms of this community. Jacqui and I had a really long talk about ourselves and the future of the community, and it's all boiled down to this:

Jacqui has been under an insanely large amount of stress these past few days. The reason for her sudden disgust towards JaeHo was because of this stress and not because of the boys themselves. She took a while to think about it, and realized she could never ever hate these boys. I know a lot of you dont understand what it's like to have a fandom be your life (hell, I don't either), but that's what JaeHo is for Jacqui. Since she's still trying to sort everything out, she's going to be MIA until future notice. This, however, does not mean that she doesn't love the boys, nor this fandom any longer. She's just taking a little break to sort things out. SHE WILL BE BACK, hopefully soon, so you can all send her your consolances. :)

On the other hand, I'm going to be taking care of this darling community single handedly until Jaqui's return. When she does come back, I'm going to stay on as a co-mod, and we're going to mod this community together, since a community with nearly 600 member is rather daunting for just a single person. :) So look out for a contest sometime in the near future, because we're planning on having one soon. :D

You guys are all so darling and supportive. We both love you all. ♥

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