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The nights are cold when I want you (5/5)

Because I love the people who comment on my story!!! :D!!! It makes me more 'confident' to write something! Which makes me want to write more fanfiction! woohoo!

Title: The nights are cold when I want you
Genre: Romance/Humor
Pairings: Jaeho and a mention of another..
Rating: PG-13 (bit)
Summary: Jaejoong has trouble with sleepwalking and being cold…(it's probably different
than what you expect it will be :} ...~).

Comment: Last! :( But I'm working on a new fanfiction. Most is inside my head, but a piece of it is

on paper already! I think it will be a one-shot..or a 2-chapter story.

Dammit..I neglected my homework AGAIN XD.. 

Recap: 'I wonder how Jaejoong will react in the morning...'
'1....2....I can't...'
'Okay Jaejoong..just ..open your eyes. NOW.'
'Dammit.. I can't..'
'It's probably just your imagination. You are NOT lying against someone's naked chest with your legs wrapped between that persons legs. Nope. You are not. So just open..your eyes.'
'1...2...3..' he opened his eyes. He could barely see anything, his face was lying on someone's shoulder, with his head tucked beneath someon elses head. 'Note to self, do not, I repeat, do NOT listen to your conciousness.' Someone groaned softly.
'Wait a second. I know that groan. There's only one person that can groan so sensiously..Yunnie-ah!' he lifted his head from Yunho's shoulder and looked at his face. "Ah ..Yunho." his eyes opened slowly. "Jaejoong? Ah! Are you okay?!" he looked worried.
"What do you mean?"
"You can't remember? You were outside the front door, probably for more than 2 hours."
"What?" trying not to become hectic, so that he could stay on top of Yunho. He could get used to lying like this. "But..wait! I remember! I remember waking up outside the front door because of the cold!"
"But you never woke up the other times, because you were cold..."
"Oh." Jaejoong's face went still and concern was all over his face. "I think..I did it on purpose."
"What? Go outside?"
"That too. But. Yunho, I think I get it now."
"Why you were outside?"
"Yes.. Yunho..I .." he knew this was going to be awkward so Jaejoong lifted himself off of Yunho, but was grabbed by his shoulders and pushed back on top of Yunho. His head once again on Yunho, but now on his chest.
"You're not going anywhere. You'll have to tell me first, whatever it is that you want to say...I don't care."
"You will.. and you'll push me off of you and.."
"I won't..now tell me!" Yunho was getting anxious to know and wrapped his arms around Jaejoong keeping him close. He could feel his hyung's now warm breath tickling him.
"I think that, I kept going outside on the balcony, so that I would GET cold. On purpose. My mind worked on it's own. I think I just hoped that you would come and warm me up..."
"Wait..I'm not done yet." 'He's not releasing his grip on me. Which means...?' "I was a bit angry..no..pissed off yesterday. During that photoshoot, remember?"
Jaejoong averted his eyes down to where Yunho's hand was on his body. It was still there. So it was safe to go on. "I think I was so upset that I didn't even wanted you to find me outside. But this time I woke up by myself, because it was just getting way too cold." he paused. "and.. when I woke up, the door was locked, and my lungs were so cold that I couldn't call you guys out."
"Tried the doorbell?" Jaejoong looked up. Yunho was grinning.
"I think my brain froose as well." he giggled.
"Why did you want ..no, why DO you want me to warm you up Jaejoongie?" Yunho slid one of his hands along Jaejoongs arm up to his neck and rested it on his cheek. He stroked it.
"I ...Saranghae..Yunho." just as Jaejoong finished that sentence, Yunho answered, "well now that thát's finaly out...me too Joongie..me too." He pulled Jaejoong's face up with both his hands and looked in his eyes. He could see that he was about to cry. "Don't cry BooJae.." he kissed him on his lips, starting out tender. But when Jaejoong started to react to the kiss, it became more fierce and heated. "Ah..Yunnie..." maybe a bit too heated.
Yunho's hands traveled towards Jaejoong's shoulders, towards his waist, passing his hipbones and coming to rest on his ass. "You have a thing for cheeks?" Jaejoong practicaly moaned out when he stopped the kiss.
"All of them... as long as they are yours.." he pulled Jaejoong back for another kiss which was even more pasionate as the first. "Oh god.." if they didn't stop now, they'd be having sex right there...
"GAH MY EYES..!!!"
Yunho and Jaejoong quickly stopped with their kissing, roaming and grabbing and looked up to see Junsu holding a hand before his eyes and holding the other out in front of him, trying to get to the kitchen without seeing any other Jaeho scenes.
Then they saw Changmin coming throught the door opening. "Ahhh so cute!!!"
"Says the Dong Bang Shin Ki's cutest member." Yoochun came after him and patted Changmin on his back.
"I'm not cute..I'm hot."
"Whatever Minnie." he slapped Changmin's butt and made his way towards the kitchen, "Whenever you guys are ready with cuddling, come to have breakfst will you?" and dissapeared inside said kitchen.
Changmin was still staring blankly..."did he just..."
"Yes" Yunho said synchronicly with Jaejoong. Once Changmin ran after Yoochun, Jaejoong presumed his activities with Yunho. "I think we'll need a seperate bedroom.." giggles...
Laughter filled the Dong Bang Shin Ki house as they lived happily ever after. Jaeho had lots of kids and Jaejoong kept his figure! XD
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