January 29th, 2011

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For those of the members here who have not yet been made aware of this, please go and vote for Jaejoong at the Shorty Awards website. If he wins, he will be invited to NYC to accept the award. As I write this post, Jaejoong currently has 4,983 votes. Justin Bieber is right behind him and not by much! Please go and cast your vote for this lovely half of our beloved YunJae.

**As a reminder, you must have a previously active Twitter account to be able to do this. New accounts or accounts created strictly for voting will be DISQUALIFIED. Ask your friends and have them ask their friends to join in on the voting for Jaejoong, too!


This is the link for voting: http://shortyawards.com/mjjeje

All you have to do is fill in the box with "I nominate @mjjej for a Shorty Award in #celebrity because" and then add your reason for nominating him. One important thing to remember, you MUST give a reason why you are nominating Jaejoong or your vote will NOT count.

!!Voting is over at the end of January!!

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Edit: Now if Yunho gets a Twitter, they can both be nominated for the couple award at this same Shorty Awards website next year. ^___________^ ♥