November 11th, 2006



Again a Newbie,yes =P 
Please ignore my mistakes,my english is kind of..very crappy. X3 [Better off in french]
I am from Canada [And for those who are wondering,yes it's very cold and i miss summer SO much ;_;]
I've been introducted by myself not long ago to Dong Bang Shin Ki [I don't even remember how LOL] for,eh,like 4 months.
And im already acting crazy,searching every drama,ect,and i founded Dangerous Love 8D
As you see,i totally falled into Jaeho and i definitly think they're making out when there's no camera whe 8D

Im not a great writer in english,but i'll do my best to post.
Otherwises,i'll be always pleased to read fanfictions of yours,

(wich are AWESOME and it's about 2:55 AM here,i started reading at like midninght 8D)
Anyways,here i am,pleasure to meet you all!

And evn tought everyone already probably haves it, i almost screamed when i found this,
it was on a fanvideo (Sorry for the VERY GOOD youtube quality LOL)


Learning Through Tears (5/5)

Title: Learning Through Tears (5/5)
Genre: Romance/Angst/Humor
Pairings: mainly Jaeho
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The way I cared for YunHo was different, something I couldn't describe fully. At the time it was an ache in my chest. However, every time I touched him, or talked to him, or made him smile, the ache turned into an all consuming happiness. It felt like I was going crazy.

Previous Parts:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

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Because You're Mine (part 7)

Title: Because You're Mine (Part 7 of 7) (Story 2 of 7)
Pairing: Jaeho
Length: Chapter fic
Rating: PG. 13
Summery: In their own words, you find out about what home life is like for the Kim family. Learn about their past and see how it becomes a direct cause for distress in their present day lives. (Time has jumped to the month of December.)

A/N: Last Part! If you want to know what happens next in this series.. and a bunch of other crap that I talk about.. read my VERY long A/N at the end of the story.

Story 1 found here. (it’s Yoosu)

In the past: one two three four five six

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Balloons MV - Screenshots

I was watching my lovely (COUGH..LQ) Balloons MV.. and noticed some small Jaeho in it. And thus, made some screenshots. The MV isn't of that great quality, but I hope my comments will make up for that..XD ...I made these screenshots aaaall by myself (with the help of VLC media player :D)

Oh.. I also made some very cute screenshots of the boys, seperately I'll post those too while I'm at it XD..

But first..

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Guardian from Heaven

I got bored, and here's the result.

Title: Guardian from Heaven
Genre: DBSK / JaeHo
Disclaimer: This fiction is purely fictional - just a brain-child of my overly vivid imagination
Summary: He knew that being in a new school would be tough. What he didn’t foresee was the fact that the king of the social hierarchy would take an instant liking to him and that just about doubled the shit he knew he was about to go through.

Chapter 1


So Much Mine: Section Six

Title: So Much Mine
Author: wedspawn
Genre: Slash/Relationship
Pairing: JaeHo
Rating: NC-17 (Mature Content Included)
Jaeho Pimpage and Beta: ranalore
Summary: Section Six.
The beginning of a shifting relationship. Hot Korean boys. Sex. Dancing and some angry words. Not necessarily in that order. Not necessarily in each section.

Section One; Section Two; Section Three; Section Four; Section Five

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i'm not anti-social;

Hello! ^^

hi newbie here!My name is Erica,im 13,live in the U.S.A and have known of DBSK for about four months now.I never knew of them until i watched Dangerous Love which got me obssessed with YunJae!ive been lurking here for the past few days and finally decided to post lol. I hope i make lots of friends here! Im a newbie at using LJ too ^_____________^

i love this piccy,its adorable:

^Awww!Daddy Ho and Mommy Jae showing off their parenting skills! xD

The nights are cold when I want you (4/5)

Title: The nights are cold when I want you (4/5)
Genre: Romance/Humor
Pairings: Jaeho
Rating: PG
Summary: Jaejoong has trouble with sleepwalking and being cold…(it's probably different
than what you expect it will be :} ...~).

Comment: Wuhow.. a long, short chapter..haha. Next chapter will be the last. I actually
got the idea for this story, when I went to bed a week ago. It's starting to get very cold
here lately..and the first floor of our house can get really cold. So when I lie in my bed
for the first minutes, it's freezing cold. And well..then the idea popped in my mind XD.... 

Dammit..I neglected my homework again for this T_T

Comments make me happy...! And type!

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