November 9th, 2006

재호; love;

Breaking Point Pt. 3

Title: Breaking Point
Author: Jacqui
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: I'll let you figure that out.
Summary: I'm not giving anything away. XD Just read it. ♥
Author's Notes: The will be the last part, which is Yun Ho's entry into the storyline and not really his POV so much as it is JaeHo's POV. The only exception I will make is if people REQUEST to see an aftermath, because this chapter WILL otherwise end with an implication. I also wrote the song as a poem quite a few years ago. 8D The original has been altered to fit better with this fic.

Breaking Point Pt.1
Breaking Point Pt.2

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If there are any errors, point them out. XD I wrote this when I was high on life...that's never good because I don't proofread my own writing. \8D/

The nights are cold when I want you (3)

Title: The nights are cold when I want you (3/?)
Genre: Romance/Humor
Pairings: Jaeho
Rating: PG
Summary: Jaejoong has trouble with sleepwalking and being cold…(it's probably different
than what you expect it will be :} ...~).

Comment: Chapter 3.. I think I will write one or two (short) chapters after this one, and then
it's done ;)...

Comments make me go wieeeehj~! And make me go tyyyyyyyyype~!

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Title: Café (3+4/?)
Author: Hushed_Rose/~Whispered Rose~/Steph.
Rating: PG-13?
Pairing: JaeHo, later Yoo?, and a bit of angsty JaeChun later too.
Genre: Uh.... Angsty, slight humour?, and probably a lot of fluff-ishness.
Summary: Um, without giving my idea away, I'd say- Yunho likes to save people^^, heh.
Disclaimer: Although I'd LOVE to, I don't own Dbsk or anyone mentioned in this fan fiction, it is purely of my own imaginings.
Warnings: Nothing really, just that I'm kinda mean to Jj as it continues >_<. I love him dearly, I swear.

A/N: Enter Changmin, hehe.

Prologue, 1 + 2

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