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[FANFIC] Infactus Fatum - Ch.IV - Up against the wall

The Soundtrack to the fanfic can now be found here, up till the last chapter: BOX.NET

Title: Infactus Fatum [Broken Destiny] Chapter IV
Pairing: JaeHo
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4.726
Summary: After being seperated for long, you realize what you lost~
A/N: Again thanks for the comments. Slowly this is taking dimensions which I like :D Imagine this and the last chapter should have been one. It would have been uber long u_u But this one can stand alone very well I think~
And gimme more love today cause tomorrow 8:15am German time, my hour of death will come: Dentist appointment *has a dentist-phobia* So... here we go...
P.S: No the title of this chapter does not imply anything sexual.


Still the 6th January, evening

“Are you serious?” He only could ask, looking up at the taller male in front of him.
“Of course!” Yunho said with a grin. He sounded like a few minutes earlier
“…okay then.” Jae only had replied with a quiet voice, not that he was not looking forward to it… He simply started to feel nervous.

After Jae and Yunho had taken the elevator down to the underground garage of the facility, Yunho slowly walked up to his car which was parking somewhere there in the back, with JaeJoong by his side. This was the first time both of them were together without any cameras around them, maybe except for the CCTV of the garage, but that did not count.

Soon they arrived at the deep red varnished Aston Martin Vanquish, which was apparently Yunho’s.
Jae did look surprised when he saw that car, blinking.
“And that is really yours?” he asked.
“Well, yes?” Yunho just gave Jae a weird look, tilting his head to the side. The question more had been a rhetorical one.
Yunho just gently pulled on the handle of the door and the lights blinked, the doors being unlocked by now.
“It’s sexy~” the older one of the two then commented before he slipped onto the passenger’s seat.

Backwards Yunho pulled out of the parking space, making his way to the street soon again.
“You care where we go eating? Korean, Japanese, Italian, or French?” he asked while they held at a red light.
“No~” Jae timidly answered, his voice coming out squeakier than he had intended to do… Actually he had not intended to sound squeaky at all…

Yunho just did not comment it, but he grinned to himself on the inside, slowly driving the car through the evening traffic of Seoul, quickly slipping on the highway just to make his way faster to the other end of the city, where the cozy and nice Italian restaurant was seated at, which he wanted to take JaeJoong to.

The way there was quite quiet, just the radio playing gently in the background. Like many of you maybe not thought, the silence was not awkward between those two. It was a peaceful kind of silence. Yunho kept his eyes on the road, while Jae once looked straight outside through the windshield, or then to the side, the lights of downtown Seoul illuminating the black night sky.
A quick flashback came to his mind. The color of the sky… Yunho’s eyes were as dark as that. Without noticing he had turned his head gently to the younger one, looking at him, who in the first moment did not notice that Jae was gazing at his face and it's features.
Just a moment later a gentle smile played on Yunho’s lips.
“You haven’t seen me for long hm? Need to make up the lack of it?” Of course he asked this as a joke, in a teasing manner.
“… Jung Yunho!” Jae then half yelled inside the car in a scolding manner, earning more chuckles from the driver. “That was not funny!” Oh no of course it was not JaeJoong, just because you have been the victim!
“It’s okay Jae…” He quickly glanced at him, as much as his driving allowed him too. “I missed you too.” And then he did something he had not done for years now. He put his hand onto Jae’s knee in a soothing and affectionate manner, rubbing over it for a split second, before he shifted gears again, surpassing another car on the right side of the highway.
For some simple reason… Jae knew Yunho had meant it.

Arriving just a little later at the restaurant, Yunho's car being parked quite close to it, though finding a vacant parking spot was a miracle in this area of Seoul… like everywhere else, he pushed the door open for Jae, letting him in first.
It was a small restaurant just with a few tables with red and white checkered tablecloths and those typical Italian chandeliers which were actually old wine or oil bottles with bast around them, where the wax already was running down at.
The room was dimly lit, giving it all a romantic atmosphere, which made Jae just tense up a little more on the inside.
The waiter already came towards them, apparently knowing Yunho since he greeted him by his name, asking him if he wanted a table for two. Nodding Yunho agreed, Giovanni, the middle aged Italian man leading them over to a table seated at the corner of the restaurant close to a window.
Both of them took a seat parallel to the window, looking at each other.
Yunho thanked Giovanni again when he handed them the menus, the man making his exit to the counter again, preparing some cappuccino and water already. It was standard that you got it and it was included in the bill anyways.
Bringing it then to their table, he left both of the young men alone, who were choosing from the menu... And it was a long menu, so long Jae could not really decide what to take.
“Yunhoyah~ what should I take?” he asked his friend, making big brown confused eyes at him, when Yunho just shrugged. “I know a few dishes here, and they are all delicious.”, came the reply from the younger one of the two then.
“So what are you taking?” Jae asked curiously, peering at Yunho’s menu, as if it contained different dishes than his, which of course was not true.
“I think I am settling for the Lasagna with Mozarella… Did you choose already?” This just earned a cute shaking of Jae’s head. “There is just too much on here which sounds delicious…” And just as a remark at the side: The menu did not contain any prices…

In the end JaeJoong settled for some Spaghetti Frutti di Mare. And right in that moment Giovanni already was coming back.
“Did you choose by now?” Yunho just confirmed it with a nod, telling him his order, taking then a sip from the cappuccino. Jae told his as well, before the question with the wine came. Yunho had to decline, because he was still going to drive, Jae though being not sure if he wanted to or not…

Maybe if you have a glass of wine… you’ll stop being so nervous? he said to himself, Giovanni just going to leave when Jae interrupted.
“But I’d like to have one.” He politely said to the man, whose head was already a little bald on the very top.
“Ah then I have just the right one which would fit to your dish too!” Giovanni answered, walking off to get Jae the wine and give the cook the orders.

Now they were left alone again, Yunho leaning a little back in his comfortable dark wooded chair with the soft red cushions on it, while Jae kept looking around.
“It’s really nice here. I never knew you’d take me to such a place…” He trailed off a little now when he was looking around once more, trying to take the atmosphere of the establissement in. “Seems like you’re known here already, hm?”
“Yeah I tended to eat out often at some time and found this little restaurant with those delicious dishes.” Then again he raised a brow at Jae. “And why should I not be taking you here with me?”

Because I feel like a girl in such a romantic restaurant…? Jae’s mind was faster again than he liked it to be.
“Oh just… it looks like the place you’d take a girl to…” Now he was a little ashamed.
“Well if the girl is a person I value a lot, like a friend, why should I not? And I didn’t see any sign on the windows which says: Couples only! Did you?” He could not help but smirk, which made Jae just sink a little deeper into his chair.
“Why are you teasing me so badly tonight, Yunhoyah~?” Can you imagine? Jae was pouting by now.
“Because I missed it to see you pout~!” he retorted.

With those full and supple lips of yours, which I’d like to… Where do you think your mind is going Jung Yunho?

Yunho was torn out of his thoughts when Jae got his wine, Yunho just settling with his tablewater and cappuccino still.
“So what have you been up to lately?” The younger one let the questions slip, being curious, when he sipped more on the hot beverage.
“Oh well… my life did not really differ from the one I had in Dong Bang Shin Gi. Commercials, photoshoots, dramas, recordings, voice lessons, some dancing lessons… You know what I mean right?” he answered, Yunho simply nodding.
“Yeah I think I might say that I maybe missed it a little. Being an actor is a nice thing to do, if you just do acting and have it as your essence of life… But I was used to doing more and so… I became bored with it maybe?” he said with a shrug.
Jae just looked at him surprised. “You got bored by acting? But you’re so good at it!” he commented, just wanting to bite his tongue for it.
“Ah so you watched me on the screen?” Another smirk was playing on Yunho’s lips now.
“I think everybody did.” A nonchalant answer with a motion of his hand.
“I thought you maybe would enjoy it!”
“Who said I did not?!”
“So you actually did! Which one did you like best?”
“I think I liked them all and the characters you played since somewhere they always reflected a side of yourself.” Now if that hasn’t been a good answer… But was Yunho the only one who still felt like being on XMEN’s DangYangHaJi like just some hours earlier?

“Sorry to interrupt your conversation, but here is what you ordered!” Giovanni said with two plates on his arm, putting them slowly onto the table in front of both of them.
“Please enjoy your meals, and if there are any complains, just tell me. I’ll beat our cook with a frying pan then!” Yunho loved that man for his humor, and he loved to see Jae laugh, though he quickly hid his laugh behind his hand again.

Why are you always hiding that beautiful laugh of yours? Your whole face lights up and you illuminate the room, your soft voice echoing back from the walls around you, making that sweet sound multiply…

“Well then… Please enjoy your meal JaeJoong. As you heard, just tell Giovanni if anything’s wrong with the food.” He just could not help than to smile at the other one, before he took his fork and his knife, ready to start eating.
“Yes you too~ and you can bet I will if something is actually wrong!”

The main part of the dinner was accompanied by complete silence, the gentle sound of violins and a guitar, a piano tuning in soon, all those instruments echoing through the restaurant. Both of the two men were nearly alone since at this time of the day, and this day of the week not many people came here.
The portions really were not made for Asian people though, since both Yunho and Jae could not really finish off…
And the wine did not have done really any better to JaeJoong. He was as nervous as before… maybe now only a tad sillier.

Seeing the young Korean men having finished off, Giovanni came to pick their plates, asking if it had been good.
“Yes of course it was, but still the portions are way too big for me. I feel like I am not able to walk anymore!” Yunho exclaimed happily, his stomach thanking him, since it would have surely been grumbling by now after the recording.
Jae only could not. “Yes it has been very delicious, but also a little bit too much for me to eat, but I really don’t mean to offend the cook with not eating up. You can tell him this?” Jae added at the end, leaning back in his chair a little now.
“And you surely don’t want a dessert? Like house made Tiramisu?” He asked hopefully.
“Tirami… what?” Jae looked at the other one confused.
“Ah it’s a sweet dish with Italian Mascarpone cheese and coffee and so on. It’s really good actually… but I don’t know if I will get it down now~” He gave the waiter then an apologizing look.
“I’ll just bring one piece of it for the two of you okay? It’s a treat from me for you guys~”
Well could you say no to that?

Sipping on his water now again, Yunho waited for the dessert to arrive, two small pie-forks coming along with the small plate.
Yunho could barely look at the piece of sweet food. He just was way too full… but JaeJoong’s curiosity had not faded. Gently he picked up one of the forks and cut a piece off the dessert and leaded it slowly to his welcoming lips which closed around the metal pulling it off with the help of his tongue.

That had always been Yunho’s weak point: Jae’s lips. He could not help than stare at how they furrowed a little around the metal and then relaxed again, lightly moving against each other like in a kiss while he was chewing. Then he licked them clean with the tip of his tongue, those reddish petals gently parting while he looked like a little child at the sweet dish in front of him.
“It’s really good! Don’t you want a piece of it too?” he then asked with a gentle and light voice.
“Oh… uhm… well one piece of it can’t be bad right?” Yunho answered, just going to grab his fork when JaeJoong already had cut off a piece of it, holding it out for Yunho on his fork.

Before he could react and lean in gentle to catch the fork with his lips, Yunho gazed into those deep temples of mystery which he also lovingly would call JaeJoong’s eyes. Those with the thick lashes which Jae just batted at him for a second, his lips curling into a gentle, yet sexy smile, which Yunho could not resist.
In the moment the piece of Tiramisu surpassed his lips and slid into his mouth, he felt an unknown tingle inside of his stomach, as if that dessert was causing a chemical reaction inside of his body, a quite strong one. Like his hormones started raging, endorphins being sent through his whole body.
A horde of nervous butterflies had found their home in the pit of his stomach and that unknown tingle, or better said known by now, ran lower. He knew what it was, he knew it, just hadn’t felt it for long… And at times he hated its effect when it settled like now in his groin. He slowly felt how those pictures which he was seeing were real, causing him to feel slightly aroused.

Slowly he chewed on the piece of sweet, looking at Jae, who was making a curious and sweet face at him, lips gently pulled together, pursed lightly, while his eyes were clear like the morning sky of a beautiful spring day.
“Do you like it?” the question then came.
“I love it every time I taste it, since I have had it earlier already.” He answered. “And now you made me hungry for more~” and so he picked up his own fork, but was greeted with another piece of Tiramisu under his nose.
That was a tactic to distract somebody from the own face too, since the words Yunho just had said had a great impact on Jae’s emotional system, causing his body tense up for a moment and a delicious shudder run down his spine. The only thing which would have been missing would be a moan… But what was with this food? Had Giovanni spilled some elixir over it or so? He wondered how a simple dessert could make him become like this. Maybe it just was the wine though…

Not much later the two of them had finished eating, and by then they were really full.
Giovanni made his way to their table, taking away the last small plate which was there… and only one of the two forks on it was still unused.
“Giovanni, could you get me the bill please?”
“Yes, in a moment.” The waiter replied with a sympathetic smile, coming back with a small black cover for the bill itself handing it to Yunho, who just let his gaze run over the digits written there and put his credit card into it, handing it back to the older man. “Make it a round sum, okay?”
Of course the man was happy about that, what was another reason why Yunho was treated so well in this restaurant.

Both of them rose from the table then after Yunho had asked JaeJoong politely if he wanted to go, who then had agreed. They were both wished a good night by the cook and Giovanni before they stepped onto the chilly street, a fresh breeze hitting them the moment their feet made contact to the pavement, Yunho pulling his furred leather coat tighter around his body, like Jae also pulled his knee-long coat around his frame tighter, closing the last few buttons to the top.

It was shortly before midnight when those two just got into Yunho’s car again, which seemed like an oven compared to the temperatures raging outside of it.

“Ne~” Yunho’s profound voice echoed inside of the car. Maybe he was a little shy now after what he had felt when Jae had fed him? “Would you like to come over for a coffee or something at my place still?”
“Hm?” Jae was just a little… off line by now, getting asked something like that. Stupid him having his mind go X-rated again.

What are you thinking there?! Do you think he would really tear your clothes off in the corridor, kick the door shut, shove you up the wall and ravish you till you scream for more? Oh, please JaeJoong. Yunho is straight as a board!

In the end he agreed with a nod and a little smile

7th January, shortly after midnight

It seemed like Yunho’s apartment wasn’t really far from the restaurant. Soon they had arrived at a middle large apartment complex, which though seemed quite expensive, with a portiere in the hall and so on, from what JaeJoong could see through the window of the car. They parked in the underground parking lot of the building, slowly getting out of the red sports car, Yunho just walking away from it, before Jae just going to ask him if he didn’t want to lock the doors... But then it beeped, a light flashing and the doors were locked. Jae’s mouth simply closed shut quietly again.

In front of the elevator in the garage, Yunho punched some digits into the code lock at the side of it and the elevator came down. A moment later they already were on the fourth floor where the yunger man's apartment was settled at. And another door which you opened with a number code. That man probably did not have any real keys in his pockets anymore…

“Welcome to my little home!” Yunho then said with a smile when he let both of them in, slipping out of his shoes and hanging up his jacket, before he closed the door behind him. Jae did the same, following the ex-bandleader slowly through the apartment. It really looked like Yunho’s apartment, or how he would have imagined it better said. The floor was tiled with light colored wooden panels, the kitchen kept in a warm orange and bright green, the furniture also made of light wood. There was not much more than a kitchen counter, a fridge, ceran cooking place and oven, a high table with three stools, a microwave and… cappuchino, coffee and hot chocolate machine! Well apparently everything a bachelor needed hm? The floor through was checkered in black and white tiles.
Jae hid a smile and a little laugh when he saw the floor.

In our old apartment the kitchen floor was just like this too…

As they walked past the kitchen, Yunho lead Jae to the biggest room in the apartment: the living room, which was more an open space with a low milk-chocolate colored sideboard under the silver flat screen TV which hung on the wall over it. The three-seater couch was upholstered with a fabric that looked soft in a color that was neither brown nor grey, more a mixture of both. The carpet in this room was a rich mocha brown, the carpet under the couch and couch table, which was made of glass and metal, kept in an abstract shape, over the mocha one, just lots smaller, was fluffy held in a cream colored tone, like the walls were too. Behind the couch there was a big shelf-system, the same color like the sideboard, filled with books, some pictures in frames, CDs and DVDs. And on JaeJoong’s left a vast window expensed over the whole wall, giving you a beautiful view on the lights of Seoul, since seemingly the apartment complex was seated on a little hill.

“Just go ahead and take a seat, and I’ll make us some coffee… or would you like tea?” Yunho asked politely, making Jae swirl around too him since he had just been too fascinated with the harmony inside this room.
“Oh yes… tea would be nice!” he quickly answered, before Yunho left to go to the kitchen and boil the water.
JaeJoong though did not sit down at first. He simply walked over to the window and looked at the illuminated skyscrapers and reclamation tables on the houses in the distance.
He knew that there were three more rooms in this apartment he had not seen: One of them the bathroom and bedroom… the other one probably a work room for Yunho or something. He probably hadn’t changed over those three years.

While JaeJoong was looking out the window Yunho was already pouring them the tea. He simply took green tea, since he knew JaeJoong drank it. There were things he would never forget... With both of the mugs in his hands he walked out of the kitchen, wanting to call out the other's name, but he froze when he saw Jae standing there at the window, looking out, one of his hands on the surface of the window, just illuminated by the faint light of the moon which got reflected by the rests of the snow on the bushes below the building, the lights from far in the distance offering more light too, making his silhouette more clear.

Slowly, without making any noise Yunho approached the older male with the mocha colored hair which was standing there in his loose jeans and a grey and violet pullover draped over his upper body, some of his milky flesh visible because of the plunging neckline of it at his shoulders, arms hugging his own frame by now.
“Here…” Yunho whispered out of the dark, making the smaller man jump a little, taking the mug into both of his hands then, warming them with it.
Casually Yunho stood besides him, looking through the window through the corner of his eye. He slowly sipped on the warm beverage, watching Jae still blowing on it a little, realizing by now that Jae’s sleeves were a little too long and half over his hands.
Inwardly Yunho smiled at this cute image in front of him before Jae suddenly looked up at Yunho, blinking as if he wanted to ask: “Do I have something in my face?”, but he simply stayed quiet looking back at the mug before…
“Thank you Yunnieah… Thank you for taking me out for dinner and spending time with me…” Jae whispered into the dark.

Yunho’s heart skipped a beat and maybe his palms already started sweating at those words. “It’s nothing… compared to the last three years I missed seeing you.”
“It’s okay… I wasn’t any better.” Jae admitted quietly, looking up at him with those big eyes of his at him.

Without further words Yunho took both of the mugs and reached over to place them on the coffee table, just to come back to Jae with a smile.
As if it was a natural law, Yunho’s arms slid around his friend’s middle, gently pulling the in his eyes so frail but muscular body of the other male against him, holding him in his arms. Just a little moment later, after the initial shock of the closeness and the sensation caused inside his neurological system was over; JaeJoong’s arms curled around Yunho’s neck, holding him close, taking in the manly scent of his friend, his typical musk.

Slowly they pulled apart looking at each other… maybe just for a little too long, at least Yunho’s eyes flicking between the other one’s lips and eyes before both of them were interrupted by a noisy buzzing, a melody playing right out of the pocket of JaeJoong’s pants.

“Appa~ himesayo… uriga… itanayo~” . . .
Yunho could not help than to chuckle at the other’s ring tone. With a smile he let Jae pick up the phone… whose face fell this very moment.

“Cholgiya ~ where are you?” This was nobody else than YoungMi, JaeJoong’s girlfriend on the other end of the line.
“I… am at Yunho’s. He had asked me out for dinner and then we went to his place to have a tea and talk about old times…” He explained her with his head hanging low, taking a few steps through the room.
“Yes darling, but it’s shortly before one in the morning by now, and the recording was over 9 in the evening as much as you told me…”
“I know I know, I am sorry for not telling you that I was staying out.”
“So are you coming home now?”
“Yes… I am coming home.” Jae said, trying to hide his sigh since he knew if he was not he would not feel welcomed at home when he got there actually...
“Okay… I’ll be waiting then. Bye~~ I love you!!” she chirped into the phone.
“… I love you too.” He said before he hung up with a beep, and shut his phone close.

With a sigh and sad smile he looked at Yunho. “I am sorry… I need to go now. She’s waiting for me at home.”
Yunho tried his best to react as quickly as he could. “Do you want me to drive you home?”
“No, I’ll just grab a cab.” He said, already on his way to the door to get into his shoes and coat.
“You want me to call one---“ Jae interrupted Yunho. “No it’s okay, I don’t want to make any more trouble for you.”

“I promise to call you these days okay?” Jae tried to give Yunho his best smile then, whose facial expression was indescribable, and so he simply nodded.
“I am really sorry Yunho… let’s meet up another time okay? Good night~” And with this he was out the door, pulling it shut after himself, leaving Yunho standing there in a dark apartment.

He did not move much for minutes, before he calmly walked through the living room, looking at both of their mugs, standing there as a couple. He gently took Jae’s mug into his hands, looking at the left overs of tea which were there… He drinked it up, before the ceramic object flew through half of the apartment, crashing on the ground in the kitchen.

He has a girlfriend who lives together with…

The cold windows which were reaching till down to the ground welcomed Yunho’s warm back, before he leaned back against them casually only a minute later, the first cigarette already lit up, dangling from the corner of his mouth.

Minutes passed, before he heard a car driving away from the house, which apparently was the cab JaeJoong had called. Then the first tear rolled, and a cynical laugh echoed through the apartment…

To be continued…

Like always I hope everybody enjoyed it though it was a really loooong chapter this time! But we all know we love long chapters, right? There might be mistakes cause I correct them and might not have seen them. ^_^;;
And like before:


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