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Sweet Dreams - Oneshot

Title: Sweet Dreams
Author: Shay (241284)
Rating: PG-13 just to be safe
Pairing: ... do i really have to say it ;]
Genre: um ... bittersweet i guess. it's not really ~*angst*~
Excerpt: " Real kisses don't happen between best friends. "
Author's Notes: This takes place about a few days after the filming of Dangerous Love. Or what happens when I've been reading too much into the X-Man "JaeHo Scandal" clip. T__T


Yunho could not sleep. He had tried everything; tossing, turning, under covers only to kick them off again, curled up into a ball - no matter how he positioned himself on his bed, he just could not get to sleep. Frustrated, he glared up at the ceiling, mentally counting his breaths as he laid spread-eagled and uncovered. His bedsheets were in a tangle under his body, the comforter bunched up on the floor.

It was the seventh night of his sudden bout of insomnia and he did not enjoy it at all. It wasn't fair, he thought to himself as he listened to the soft breathing and light snoring of his fellow bandmates on the beds surrounding his. How were they able to fall asleep so easily and he could not? The first night he had tried usual remedy of working out until he got tired, took a shower and managed to finally fall asleep at three in the morning. The fourth night, when working out didn't work, he read himself into an hour-long sleep before it was time to wake up. The fifth night, after refusing flat out Jaejoong's quiet offer to cook him some calming soup, he opted to lay on the couch and keep the soap reruns company.

It was all Jaejoong's fault, Yunho thought darkly as he continued glaring hard at the shadows on the ceiling. Jaejoong was avoiding him. Jaejoong wasn't talking to him. Jaejoong kept giving him weird looks. Jaejoong this and Jaejoong that. All bad. All his fault.

And so, it was met with surprise when he felt extra weight pressing down on his bed. The light, familiar scent hit his senses before he could register the warmth sliding into bed right next to him.

"Still can't sleep?"

Yunho thought that was a very stupid question and did not answer.

"It's been a week..."

Should he be congratulating him for figuring out the obvious?

"You've been ignoring me."

"... no, you have."

An arm encircled over his waist as Jaejoong shifted closer, resting his head comfortably in the crook of his neck. Yunho remained unresponsive, even as the other carefully took his hand, gently lacing their fingers together. Jaejoong's breath tickled his skin when he whispered next. "I haven't. You're the one avoiding me." A pause. "Ever since we started filming that."

And just like that, Yunho realised the truth of the situation. It wasn't Jaejoong who had been avoiding him, or not talking to him, or giving him weird looks. It wasn't Jaejoong's fault that he, Yunho, had his brain so completely fried with the script that the lines of reality blurred and he did not even dare look at the slightly older man lately. It had been entirely his doing that things had turned awkward between the two of them. His hard glare softened as he slowly turned to face the other, who was watching him patiently with an unreadable expression.

"I'm sorry, Boo ..."

Jaejoong simply gave his head the slightest of shakes and a small smile. "You know the matter needs to be resolved, right?"

He lifted his eyebrows. Jaejoong took his time explaining - and not doing so in the end, choosing to shift his position instead and slowly climb on top of the band leader's body. Yunho watched with questioning eyes as Jaejoong, without letting go of his hand, propped himself up with his elbows on either side of his shoulders, then purse his lips up as though in thought.

"You need to get it out of the way," was all he supplied after the longest, what Yunho suspected, hesitation. Get what out of the way? Before he could ponder on the cryptic statement, a slight tightening of the fingers curled around his caused him to notice that the other was very slowly inching his head closer. If the soft kiss that followed was what Yunho had been worrying about the past week, it did not surprise nor disgust him at all. In fact, as Jaejoong, whose eyes had fluttered close, lavished sweet attention upon his lips with his own, Yunho found himself opening up to it much more quicker than he ever thought he would.

Sliding his own eyes shut, Yunho brought his free hand around the small of Jaejoong's back. Their lips alternated between meshing and then light brushes that should have brought tingles to the back of his neck but didn't. Why wasn't he feeling anything? His tongue surfaced, tentatively licking the outline of Jaejoong's lush lips, then gently coaxing them apart. The other's tongue slid out to meet his own, brushing along the length of it before slipping into his mouth. Yunho ran his hand up Jaejoong's back, fingers carelessly entangling themselves in the other's dark tresses as he gently pressed his head closer. The innocent sweetness of the kiss, despite how their mouths were closed tight upon each other's and their tounges shamelessly danced wet battles, would have been enough to weaken his knees, but yet ... Yunho deepened the kiss, desperate to feel.

It was Jaejoong who gently ended it, slowly withdrawing his tongue and pressing a few short kisses as he pulled away. Yunho kept his eyes closed as he took notice of the light breaths swirling between their lips. His hand gradually disengaged itself from the soft black hair, trailing down to rest on his back once more. That was not real, he thought to himself, replaying the kiss over and over in his head. Real kisses don't happen between best friends. Real kisses don't leave him feeling empty. Real kisses don't leave a lingering sweet aftertaste when it was not supposed to be sweet. In short, Yunho thought he felt even more confused than he had been the past week. Nothing was making any sense.

"What do you feel?"

Yunho felt that was the oddest question to ask right after a kiss like that. "I ... feel ..." He paused, slowly opening his eyes just as Jaejoong lightly brushed their lips together for a split second. That look in his eyes - how could anyone possibly look so calm and collected at that moment? "I feel ..." then it dawned on him "... like I just kissed my best friend."

The soft smile on Jaejoong's lips was all it took for Yunho to finally understand what exactly he had meant by needing to get it out of the way. He had been avoiding Jaejoong because he was afraid he might fall prey to the stupid script and in love with someone who not only was his best friend, but his closest bandmate - someone he had to see every single day, someone whose strictly platonic relationship he could not afford to lose at any cost. Yunho exhaled softly, relief washing over him like a refreshing shower. He was not going crazy after all!

His small smile soon matched Jaejoong's and he leaned up to place a friendly peck on the lips. "Thank you," he murmured just loud enough for the other to hear.

"Can you sleep, now?" He nodded, rubbing Jaejoong's back gratefully. Another soft kiss - a dutiful goodnight kiss. "Sweet dreams," came the soft whisper just before the weight lifted off his body.

A few bedspring creaks later and he knew Jaejoong had crawled safely back into his own bed. Yunho reached down for his discarded comforter, wrapping himself comfortably in it. He turned to his side, a peaceful expression falling over his face as he closed his eyes and surrendered to sleep. Had he stayed awake even for just five seconds more, Yunho would have heard the soft, muffled sob coming from the depths of pillows and covers that Jaejoong had buried himself under.

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