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재호 영원히

...a love that's forever...

JaeHo Yong Won Hi
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You've come across the first LiveJournal community created solely for the relationship between Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho, both of the Korean acapella dance group Dong Bang Shin Gi. This community started out as just an idea, but grew once the idea received more interest and support. Once the community took off, it reached a member count that has sustained its continuing source of information and entertainment. Take a look around and join if you like what you see. It would benefit both current and future members to read the full set of rules, which are located here.

Support JaeHo / YunJae.
NO fan-material.
NO flaming or hatred.
Questions? Contact the mod.
Use cuts for images and video.
ALWAYS give credit.
Spam is deleted; trolls are banned.
Fan accounts only; no rumors.

         재중 + 유천         JaeHo Complex
         재중 + 준수         JaeHo Detox
         재중 + 창민
         유천 + 준수         Jae Is Pie
         유천 + 창민         Yunho-yah!
         윤호 + 준수
         윤호 + 유천         JaeHoYunJae.net
         창민 + 윤호
         창민 + 준수
If for any reason you need to contact the mod for assistance, or even to pass on suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact me through LiveJournal and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

contact the mod: jaejoongah